July 28, 2015

CARS_1Two years ago we swore off wearing polos ever again, saying something like, “we SWEAR off wearing polos ever again.” A statement that also came alongside our decision to wear gingham practically every day because… J.Crew. We’ve made some poor decisions. We looked like we were going to a picnic… every day.

So, here we are, back in polos, preppy as can be. But, like, don’t call us preppy. Like, just don’t.  Just stop. Ugh, okay. Fine. We look really, really, really, really preppy right now. Whatever.

In thinking about the polos some more, though, we thought we’d put together a complete list of other items we’ve sworn off in the past that should definitely come back. Here goes:

  • puka shells
  • puka shells
  • puka shells

Okay, honestly, we just think it would be SO fun funny if puka shells made a comeback. Hilarious, right?! HILARIOUS.

Imagine — puka shells WITH polos. What do you think?

Nevertheless, here’s what we’re wearing: on Brock, a Fred Perry table tennis polo, found recently at Unionmade, and on Chris, a buttonless, open collared polo from Frank & Oak. And for this shoot, we went with the creative direction of “if we were valets.” We’re ridiculous.

CARS_2Shop Brock’s look:

CARS_3Shop Chris’ look:


Chris: Polo Orlebar Brown / Chinos Club Monaco / Huaraches H by Hudson (similar) / Sunglasses Illesteva (similar)

Brock: Polo Fred Perry (similar) / Jeans Levi’s / Shoes Volley Australia / Sunglasses Illesteva


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