There are few things we love more than spending money shopping. Kittens, for example, we definitely love kittens more. And a good karaoke session to Third Eye Blind’s Jumper (SUCH an underrated karaoke song), we definitely love that. But, with Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale having officially launched today, we can think of no better way to spend our Friday than by acting like we’re super rich and filling our shopping cart with dozens of items we’ll deem as “like, we need to take more fashion risks, you know, bro?”

All like, “Brock, you totally could pull off a bohemian look. You need these genie, harem pants.”

And then, we’ll be all like, “But, THEY’RE ON SALE,” and in turn, we’ll spend a good hour discussing, at length, with each other whether or not we should be saving money this month or making ourselves SO, SO, SO HAPPY with new clothes. A Serious Dilemma, which could aptly be the title to our self-made, coming of age documentary, about deciding whether or not to be financially responsible or have more clothes than Lady Gaga.

We sifted through Nordstrom’s sale, and here are some of our favorite finds: