July 10, 2015

AMPERSAND_1Step 1: Wake up.
Step 2: Get dressed.
Step 3: Wear what you want to wear.
Step 6: Just so long as it’s not a nude-colored leotard. That still makes us feel a little uncomfortable.
Step 7: Look at yourself in the mirror.
Step 8: You look great.

True story: we came home late one night this week after having dinner with one of our best friends, and we were all like this. And this. And this. We weren’t cute. BUT, our morning was going to be SO crazy the next day, severely packed with way too many meetings, and so we needed to have some kind of idea of what we were going to wear… let’s call it Our Minimal Effort to be Adults, Look Like Decent Human Beings the Next Day, and Allow Ourselves to Snooze Until Two Minutes Before We’d Need to Leave Our Apartment While Still Not Taking a Shower.

But, given that we were still like this, planning out what we were going to wear the next day became quite possibly the most stressful chore any horrible person could have bestowed upon us. So, we ended up like this.

The point being, we were so stressed out, and we just needed someone to sing to us, Wear What You Want To Wear, the perfect pop remix to John Mayer’s, Say What You Want To Say. GENIUS, RIGHT!?! Update as of 10am PST, 7/10/15: we realized that John Mayer’s song is, in fact, just Say and not Say What You Want To Say, despite that being the exact lyric from the song. Ugh.

Anyway… SO. MUCH. STRESS. And for what? Getting dressed for the next day? It’s one of our biggest pet peeves to hear anyone tell another person how to dress. Wear what you want to wear. We’ll never tell anyone otherwise.

So, um… we ended up wearing THIS, THIS RIGHT HERE. WHAT YOU SEE IN THESE IMAGES. And our day turned out alright. We even were able to swing by our latest floral discovery, Ampersand, right off of 16th St in between Guerrero and Valencia — possibly the cutest flower shop we’ve ever seen.


<3 B+C




Chris: Shirt Slate & Stone / Pants Bonobos / Shoes Startas / Glasses Warby Parker / Cuff Miansai / Flowers Ampersand

Brock: Tee Uniqlo / Pants Your Neighbors / Shoes Slate & Stone/ Sunglasses AJ Morgan / Backpack GRÄF & LANTZ


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  • Josh | The Kentucky Gent July 13, 2015 at 7:35 am

    Getting dressed can be such a struggle on Monday – thanks for the step by step!

    Josh | The Kentucky Gent