July 21, 2015

TENNIS_1When it comes to our take on style, we always focus on what looks ‘effortless.’ Just like having four donuts every morning for breakfast. Effortless. Totally effortless. Clean lines, clean fit, just without going overboard on the ‘minimal’ vibes.

Consider it the sequel to Beyonce’s Flawless. Effortless. SO much better than flawless.

Effortless like training a feral cat to hug you on command.
Effortless like waxing your back, all by yourself.
Effortless like braiding your arm hair, all by yourself.
Effortless like whistling the entirety of My Heart Will Go On, all by yourself, and NOT crying.
Effortless like being presented with zero-calorie pizza and saying, ‘nah, I just don’t feel like pizza right now.’ Okay, THAT’S CRAZY. THAT WOULD TAKE SO MUCH EFFORT.


What we’re wearing: on Brock, a white Gitman Vintage shirt, and on Chris, a red vintage Lacoste polo. Simple and clean. NOT clean-cut. We hate that phrase.

What we’re not wearing: on Brock, a kangaroo pouch intended for small children but instead filled with KITTENS, and on Chris, a tear-stained tee, autographed by Lady Gaga after having been told by Gaga herself that she loves Chris and wants him to perform as a backup singer in her next arena tour.

TENNIS_5TENNIS_8Shop Chris’ look:

TENNIS_3TENNIS_2Shop Brock’s look:


Chris: Polo Lacoste Vintage / Jeans Levi / Shoes Adidas / Sunglasses In God We Trust NYC / Bag GRÄF & LANTZ

Brock: Shirt Gitman Vintage / Jeans Levi / Sandals Adidas / Sunglasses Saint Rita Parlor


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