May 7, 2015

HP_05We were asked recently, ‘where do you like to work? And, to be more specific, what’s your happy place?’ To which, we’re all like, GREAT QUESTIONS!!, we’ll answer with the men’s department at Barney’s — that’s our happy place. SHOPPING. YES. SHOPPING.

But, then, we’re all like, no… it can’t be Barney’s. We need to take these questions seriously. Serious. Serious. Serious. Serious. SERIOUSLY. So we decided to write our future selves a note.

Dear future Brock and Chris,

We hope you never lose sight of each other. Because, let’s be honest, you succeed only because you have each other. And that’s a fact. Also, send our love to future Thomas (our cat).

With love,
Brock and Chris, 2015

We could rattle off a lot of places as our “Happy Place.” Like Dumpling Kitchen in the Sunset District. LOVE Dumpling Kitchen. We just love soup dumplings SO much… But, (WARNING: we’re getting sappy), we can’t answer the question, “What’s your happy place?” without the answer revolving around some sort of memory we have together. BARF, so sappy. But, it’s totally true…

In answering these questions, we’ve partnered up with HP & Intel to give just a glimpse into our life at home and our happy place together, test driving the HP Stream 8 tablet with Intel Inside®. And if we’re being completely honest, we’re just so NERDLY-EXCITED to have a tablet with Microsoft Office 365 included for an entire year…. WERQ, said Britney Spears once.

More than ever, our life has been on the go. In fact, we’ll be in LA again later this month, Key West at the start of June, and New York shortly after in early July. LET’S HANG OUT?! Drop us a line here 🙂 With our life on-the-go, though, it’s become so crucial for us to work wherever we go, editing images and posts on the fly. So, if we’re going to vouch for a device, we’ll vouch for the HP Stream 8 tablet with Intel Inside®.


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