May 27, 2015

a.k.a. Nordstrom’s huge sale, a.k.a. we’ve been drinking too much wine while lying side-by-side on the floor, staring at our laptop together, filling a shopping cart. Total items = 13… Here’s what’s in our cart so far.

Key words: so far.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, though, here’s what we think also needs to occur on a semi-annual basis:

  • Actually going to the gym.
  • Adopting a kitten. You can never have too many kittens.
  • Listening to Christmas music. (This was Chris’s suggestion. NOT Brock’s. Let’s be clear)
  • Birthdays (sans growing older). So, basically, just multiple birthday parties throughout the year. Like, “It’s your Quarter Birthday!” “It’s your Half Birthday!” Woohooo! NOW: shots, shots, shots. Of chocolate. And tequila. But, not together.
  • Seasons of Broad City, Game of Thrones, and Project Runway (don’t judge. just don’t… just. don’t. judge…)

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  • The Kentucky Gent May 28, 2015 at 9:06 am

    This sale from Nordstrom is seriously dangerous.

    Josh – The Kentucky Gent