May 15, 2015

Because, THIS is how we ‘weekend.’ Here’s our step-by-step list 😛

Step 1: Sleep in.
Step 2: Sleep in, like, really late.
Step 3: Just keep sleeping.
Step 4: Look at the clock. It’s 10:30am.
Step 5: Okay, wake up.
Step 6: WAKE UP.
Step 7: Okay, no. We lied. Sleep some more.
Step 8: Just keep sleeping.
Step 9: Look at the clock. It’s 11am now.
Step 11: Think about your decisions last night. Like, staying up till 3am watching Dance Moms on Netflix.
Step 12: Decide to forget that that happened.
Step 13: Grab your favorite pair of sunnies.
Step 14: Grab a really good blanket and your favorite tote.
Step 15: Get outside. Just go. No, really, just get out of bed.
Step 16: You definitely smell… And you’re definitely lazy. So, um, don’t shower and just dry shampoo?
Step 18: Put on a really good pair of short shorts.
Step 19: Look in the mirror.
Step 20: Look at those legs. YES.
Step 21: Put on a really good pair of slip-ons/loafers/espadrilles or sandals.
Step 22: Now look at how pretty your feet are. They’re like, totally bringing sexyback.
Step 23: Check Instagram.
Step 24: Text your friends.
Step 25: Text your mom.
Step 26: Go to the park. Or the beach. Or the mountains. Or the river. Or a nice little grassy knoll. Just get outside.

All items pictured above are available on East Dane (aka, we would know, because the majority of the items are in our shopping cart right now… we should have just titled this post ‘HOW TO: WEEKEND… OH WHO CARES, LET’S SHOP.’ So funny, right?!? No? Not funny? Oh, whatever).

1. Illesteva Sunglasses/2. Caputo & Co. Tote/3. S’well Bottle/4.AMI Tee/5. Dana Lee Shorts/6. Birkenstock Sandals/7. The New York Times 36 Hours/8. Garbstore Tote/9. Patrik Ervell Hat/10. Baxter of California Comb/11. Ray-Ban Sunglasses/12. Rag & Bone Shirt/ 13. Lbt-Lbt Shorts/ 14.  Soludos Espedrilles

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  • Andrea May 15, 2015 at 8:24 am

    Step *25 move to step 4

  • The Kentucky Gent May 15, 2015 at 12:00 pm

    Those white Birks though.. love ’em.

    Josh – The Kentucky Gent