BAXTER_1True story: we’ve used Baxter of California products for YEARS. We’re basically best friends; wait, no… we’re more than best friends. We’re basically in a committed relationship at this point. Just the seven of us. Brock, Chris, Facial Scrub, Hydro Salve, Night Cream AHA, Clay Pomade and Hard Cream Pomade. So much love.

Sure, we’re promiscuous enough with other grooming products (aka, Brock took over the top shelf in our medicine cabinet and loaded it with TONS of products just for himself; aka, Chris steals ALL of those products when Brock’s not looking; aka, why are we talking about ourselves in third person?). But, when it comes down to it, we’re Baxter boys.


And forever.

Like, we need BFF charm bracelets. Preferably in 24k gold.

It’s Baxter of California’s 50th Anniversary, so… we’re TAKING OVER. And they totally trust us 😛 We hope you follow along! HERE. Because, it’s just going to be ridiculous. Like, ridicumazing. That could totally be a word, right?


To start, we spent an entire day doing what we do best — hiking. No, wait. That’s totally not right. We spent an entire day just going on little mini adventures together, from Corona Heights to Pizzeria Delfina (FACT: pizza feeds the soul), goofing off the entire way.BAXTER_2


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One response to “BAXTER BOYS”

  1. Garrett Hamlow Avatar
    Garrett Hamlow

    Literally OBSESSED with your guys’s blog! Why didn’t I know about this like forever ago!!