We love to spend money. No… correction. WE LOVE TO SHOP. Yummertime, shoppertime — it’s a thing.

Call it the ailment that is ‘being a millennial.’ Or, call it a question of, ‘Are you ever going to grow up?’ To which we scream in reply, ‘GO AWAY,’ while slamming our bedroom door, crying, sobbing, wailing, whimpering. WE. LOVE. TO. SHOP.

So, here’s what’s in our shopping cart right now (pictured above), a.k.a. what we’re spending our hard-earned money on, a.k.a. not a savings plan, a.k.a. yolo-yolo-yolo-yolo-yolo-yolo-yolo-YOU-ONLY-LIVE-ONCE-yolo-SO-WE’RE-GONNA-KEEP-SHOPPING:

  • Brock’s mom once told him to ALWAYS pack a swim suit when traveling. We now impart this invaluable advice on you. Always pack a swim suit. Honestly, we even made sure to pack swim trunks when we were in New York. It was February and -5 degrees… BUT, you never know when you’re going to run into a swimming pool. Well, we hope you don’t run into a swimming pool…
  • Floral shirts are not just for grandmas and Coachella. We’ve recently become Beyonce-OBSESSED with anything and everything floral. Slap a flower on it and we go goo-goo-gaga. Shirtsshortscocktails, and even, the original flowers themselves :P
  • We’ve been wishing, hoping, and praying for the band collar to make a comeback. And it has. We’re loving the relaxed feeling of a button up sans the structure of a folded collar. (Also, kudos to us for using ‘sans’ in a casual sentence).
  • Perhaps the most controversial piece in our shopping cart is the birkenstock clog, but we promise to not wear socks with them. And oops. We already bought a pair. #cantwaitwontwait

Despite having multiple tabs open, with multiple shopping carts, we decided to limit our shopping cart for this post to East Dane. Full disclosure, we never shopped at East Dane before we worked with them on a ‘giveaway‘ last month; and now we can’t seem to stay away… Seriously, we’ve made way too many purchases on that site already.

These are the confessions of two shopaholics.

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4 responses to “WHAT’S IN OUR CART”

  1. The Kentucky Gent Avatar

    Birkenstocks were some of the best decisions I ever made.

    Josh – The Kentucky Gent

  2. Jonathan Avatar

    Nice write up boys! Love the advice on the up and coming.

    1. yummertime Avatar

      Thanks, Jonathan 😀

  3. Kamari Avatar

    Love this inspiration post 😀