We’re still in bed, a.k.a. we had milkshakes and curly fries again* at midnight last night.

And by ‘again,’ we mean to say that we’ve had milkshakes and curly fries (and medium pepperoni pizza) at midnight three times in the past eight days…

But, this is a no judgment zone, and so we’re, like, totally cool with telling you that. Totally cool. Sometimes we also get onion rings.

This is all to say, our stomachs hurt AND we’re getting ready for our Sunday. Today will be good. Today will be great. Today, we’ll probably make poor life decisions. And that’s okay.

As part of our ‘Sunday essentials’ (we don’t usually say ‘Sunday essentials;’ who even sayssssss ‘Sunday essentials?’ But, whatever, it’s the title of the post, so we’re running with it…) we’re going BIG with Hook & Albert, having fallen in love with the brand two months ago. We kind of went crazy… now we have two wallets and two cuffs and two pairs of socks from Hook & Albert…

We couldn’t not get new wallets, right?

…we’re going BIG with Hook & Albert, having fallen in love with the brand two months ago.

WITH SO MUCH STUFF… (we’re hoarders)… we’ve actually partnered up with Hook & Albert, given our love for the brand, to give anyone and everyone AND ALL THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD 20% off by using the code ‘YUMMERTIME’ at checkout! YAY!

We really, really, really actually, but no we actually really do love Hook & Albert.

We love discounts. We love coupons. True story: we tried Extreme Couponing for a day at Safeway Market. Instead, we just ended up spending $80 on salami, wine, hummus, and bread.


Hook & Albert Socks / Hook & Albert Wallets / Hook & Albert Cuffs

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2 responses to “SUNDAY STUFF x HOOK & ALBERT”

  1. Alex Young Avatar

    I love everything about this post! Fun socks are my favorite. Come to Dallas sometime! Would love to meet and collaborate.

    1. yummertime Avatar

      Alex! Thank you! We definitely, definitely need to make a trip to Dallas happen 🙂 BIG QUESTION, though: when’s the best time to go?!