Rose are red, violets are blue.
We’re lying in a bed of ice plant, AH! A SPIDER! EWWW.

True story.

In a decision that came as quick and fast as the answer to the question, “Do you want fries with that?” UM DUH, we were all like, “Florals for Spring? Well, why don’t we just lay in a bed of flowers and flip the whole notion on its head? GENIUS. PURE GENIUS.”

So, there we were, lying in a bed of ice plant, actually having the most hilarious time together. Well, no, not the “most” hilarious. But, we did manage to make each other snort while laughing. And that’s a serious accomplishment.

End of story? NO.

Our love for what’s on our legs (chinos, not leg hair) deserves mention. In a season where weather consistency is defined more as “Wait, what? It’s supposed to RAIN today?! I DIDN’T PACK A JACKET! Wasn’t it sunny and, like, 80 degrees just an hour ago? I’m wearing a white tank top. Oh. Okay. Impromptu wet tee-shirt contest, I can be down. VOTE FOR ME,” our love for tailored chinos is always a safe bet.

Chris was all like, “I think I want to be monochromatic today.”

And Brock was all like, “Okay. I don’t.”

So that’s it. That’s all we needed to say. OH. And hi 🙂 We really like when you message us. Keep in contact here.




Chris: Frank & Oak Shirt / Uniqlo Chinos / Frank & Oak Shoes / In God We Trust Sunglasses / Miansai Cuff

Brock: Saturdays Surf NYC Polo (old) / Frank & Oak Sweater / Uniqlo Chinos / Vans Shoes (old) / Han Kjobenhavn Sunglasses / Miansai Cuff

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2 responses to “FLORALS FOR SPRING?”

  1. The Kentucky Gent Avatar

    SO serious in these photos fellas, but loving those Vans.

    Josh – The Kentucky Gent

    1. yummertime Avatar

      Bahaha. We know, we knowwwww 😛 Yummertime, serious edition.