One day, we’ll have a minivan, with a license plate frame that says, ‘We’d Rather Be Shopping.’

(Chris typed that. We will NOT have a minivan).


We’ll for sure have that license plate frame, at least. Because, you know what? We love to shop, and NO ONE is going to stop us. No, really. No one will stop us. The government is over there in the corner, whispering, “Spend all of your money,” and we’re all like, “Okay, sure! YOLO. We gotta post that to Instagram now!”

But, seriously, we also save. Well, a little.

BACK to shopping!

We’ve partnered up with Nak Online Branding to giveaway TWO $100 GIFT CARDS TO EAST DANE (whoa, caps-lock) to two lucky readers 🙂 And just in time for their huge 50% Off Men’s Sale going on right now!

The rules are as easy as Doritos:

  1. Head over to East Dane and choose your favorite item. Maybe you’ll pick up a new pair of Maison Kitsune plimsolls in the men’s sneakers section 😉
  2. Comment below, by March 27th, with said ‘favorite’ item and tell us your favorite Doritos flavor.
  3. Spin around three times while eating two corn dogs.
  4. Kidding about #3.
  5. You’re done! If you left a comment, that is. WOOHOO.


We went through East Dane and already put together our own wish list (actually more, like, a ‘wish board’). But, #duh, you already saw that above 😛

How to win? We’ll choose two winners AT RANDOM by March 23rd, 2015, and will notify the winners via a comment back. So. Um. GET READY.

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  1. Anthony L. Avatar

    The Marc Jacobs Leather Strap Sandals have to be my favorite item on East Dane. especially since a friend of mines who’s a designer for them just told me they are ending the anything and everything men’s department beginning this Summer.

  2. Anthony l. Avatar

    OH, & Spicy Nacho has to be my favorite Doritos flavor,
    since its nacho cheese with some FLARE!!!!!! who doesnt love a little flare lol

    1. yummertime Avatar

      Hi Anthony!! Congratulations, you’ve been chosen as one of our giveaway winners! We love those sandals too and definitely understand the importance of FLARE 😉 Please send us an email to [email protected] and confirm your full name and the best email address to send your $100 East Dane gift card. HAPPY SUNDAY!

  3. Keani White Avatar
    Keani White

    Love a good pair of Birkenstocks – gotta love that matte black! Can’t live without them. I have 4 pairs, one pair I’ve had since I was sixteen.

    As for the Doritos, gotta go with classic Nacho Cheese. Doesn’t get any better than that! 🙂


  4. MATT PERRONE Avatar

    That Rag & Bone classic sweatshirt tho – obviously Cooler Ranch, duh.

  5. Justin Wong Avatar

    The vamped up grey Stan Smiths by Raf Simons of course! I absolutely love how understated the sneaker is! Meanwhile, I actually got myself a pack of nacho cheese doritos and a corn dog. Living the healthy lifestyle of course 🙂

  6. Andrew H Avatar
    Andrew H

    Han Kjobenhavn Mist Shirt… (Or poly track top??? UGH)

    Cool ranch easy.

  7. Andrew V Avatar
    Andrew V

    Open Ceremony’s Anemone Oxford Tide Shirt – a fun short sleeve button up, perfect for spring and summer!

    Also does Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos Taco count as a favorite? 😛

  8. Jacob G Avatar
    Jacob G

    My go to option would be the Rag & Bone Tyne Derby Sneakes in the Sand Suede color! They are a trust worthy brand that I have fell in love with…and this would make a great summer sneaker for anyone.✨ My personal favorite dorito flavor would be classic cool ranch.

  9. DQ Avatar

    Loving the Penfield Grafton Shorts with the palm prints. Perfect for unseasonably warm weather in SF. Favorite Doritos: Tapatio flavor!

  10. Rafael Martinez Avatar
    Rafael Martinez

    CAMO – camel felt hat

    Hands down

    And who can pass up classic nacho cheese?

  11. Ollie Avatar

    Can’t go wrong with the Han Kjobenhavn Timeless Sunglasses!
    Cool Original (UK) Doritos all the way!

  12. CLYDE Avatar

    East Dane has so much awesome stuff, it’s hard to chose just one favorite. But I’d have to go with the Converse All Star ’70s High Top Sneakers. Converse makes some high quality sneakers, and the shoes are so versatile! Favorite Doritos flavor definitely the Spicy Sweet Chili.

  13. Leo Avatar

    Keeping this post simple and classic! I’m really digging that YMC Oxford Baseball Shirt. It reminds me of the baseball tee that Chris wore a few posts back. And, in regards to the Doritos and to keep with the classic theme – Nacho Cheese for the win! 🙂

    Cheers, guys!

  14. J I M M Y Avatar

    i’m digging the ‘paul smith jeans’ seberg stetson sandal !!!

    favorite flavor is nacho cheese, obviiiiii

  15. theinventoroftoasterstrudel Avatar

    I would totes rock those Corgi Surf Scene socks because…. well….. #surfboardt ✌️

    1. theinventoroftoasterstrudel Avatar

      also, my favorite Doritos flavor would be the fried chicken flavor you can only get in Japan. Domo arigato!

  16. Edward T Avatar
    Edward T

    My favorite Doritos flavor has to be spicy nacho cheese hands down, it’s just too good

    1. Edward T Avatar
      Edward T

      The second half of my message doesn’t appear for me so just in case it’s just me, I like the H by Hudson Palmer Boots because I have been recently getting into boots and these pair seem like a timeless edition to my collection that can be paired with any outfit.

  17. Zack Avatar

    The 3.1 Phillip Lim sandals look perfect for summer. Also, my favorite Doritos flavor would have to be Doritos 3D Zesty Ranch.

  18. Sam Faubert Avatar
    Sam Faubert

    Rag & Bone Desert Boots, obvi http://www.eastdane.com/kent-mid-top-sneaker-rag/vp/v=1/1532851216.htm?folderID=19329&colorId=12894

    & def Pizza Supreme Doritos, because, well, pizza <3

    1. yummertime Avatar

      Hi Sam!! Congratulations, you’ve been chosen as one of our giveaway winners! Those boots are great, but more importantly, PIZZA SUPREME DORITOS!?!?! We’ve never had those, but they combine two of the best things ever! Please send us an email to [email protected] and confirm your full name and the best email address to send your $100 East Dane gift card. HAPPY SUNDAY!

  19. The Kentucky Gent Avatar

    East Dane + Nak are a definitely a treat to work with!

    Josh – The Kentucky Gent

    1. HS Avatar

      I love spicy nacho Doritos.

  20. Michael Avatar

    You guys,

    I’m from SF as well, and you guys know that a light jacket is ESSENTIAL, and I LOVE this one:


    And my favorite flavor of Doritos is the Coll Ranch Doritos Locos Taco from Taco Bell (DUH) and if there is no Taco Bell near by (where the hell am I if there’s no Taco Bell nearby?!) then I just open up a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos and I pour in beans and cheese and sour cream and then I just go to town.

  21. Travis Sandoval Avatar

    I love some classic white Pony’s: http://www.eastdane.com/topstar-empire-leather-sneaker-pony/vp/v=1/1521714987.htm?folderID=19184&colorId=11656
    And I don’t know what Doritos are because I’m skinny…like I would definitely never have tasted Cool Ranch…

    1. Edward P Avatar

      Wait, they are from San Fran?!

  22. Ben Weinger Avatar
    Ben Weinger

    I love the AMI Blue/White/Red Sweatshirt so much

  23. Kevin Trester Avatar
    Kevin Trester

    DSQUARED2’s Doodle Print Pullover Sweatshirt is to much fun!

    And I’ll keep is classic and say Nacho Cheese.

  24. Oscar Salcedo Avatar
    Oscar Salcedo

    Transferring to a 4 year soon, the APC black Coated canvas back-pack, will definitely be the perfect accent to my wardrobe. Favorite Doritos flavor: Salsa verde! http://www.eastdane.com/craig-backpack-apc/vp/v=1/1535028380.htm?folderID=20481&colorId=10652

  25. AKT Avatar

    Spinning around (3 times) with Public School Ribbed Pullover from East Dane while eating my favorite nacho cheese flavor Doritos.

  26. rodolfo cep Avatar
    rodolfo cep

    My all time favorites are the Public School low Delcon low top sneakers !! LOVE them!!! Spicy nacho is my favorite Dorito flavor. I really love you r blog and enjoy all your pics !! you guys are great keep on the good work!

  27. CHRIS D Avatar

    I am really liking the Carven sneakers. I would wear them to work.

  28. Lauren E. Avatar
    Lauren E.
  29. AJ Avatar

    The Golden Bear Ashbury Jacket with Leather Sleeves!
    Favorite Doritos?: Cool Ranch.

  30. THEO D. Avatar
    THEO D.

    Gotta love the Maison Kitsune Plimsoll Sneakers. Favorite Doritos flavor has got to be Cool Ranch.

  31. Q U O C Avatar
    Q U O C

    Miansai M12 Minimalist leather watch.

    Flavor: “cooler” ranch baked

  32. Trevor Avatar

    The Miansai Screw Cuff is killer; it’s subtle but classy!
    Favorite Flavor of Doritos: nacho cheese

  33. DG Avatar

    I love the Marc Jacobs Leather High Top Sneakers. As for favorite Doritos flavor? Salsa verde!

  34. Harry Avatar

    Gotta love the Robert Geller Richard Pants. My favorite flavor of doritos is sweet chilli

  35. Jennifer H. Avatar
    Jennifer H.

    My husband would LOVE the H by Hudson shoes or a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses.

  36. Jennifer H. Avatar
    Jennifer H.

    Oh yeah!! My favorite Dorito flavor is original. Sometimes it is fun to try something different, but I always go back to original.

  37. Laura m Avatar
    Laura m

    I love the classic white collar Lacoste shirt. My favorite flavor is the original!

  38. Edward P Avatar

    I LOVE! the Marc Jacobs Leather Sandals. Rather classic and it’s the one of the essentials. It makes everyone looks fit tbh. — oh and easy, it’s gonna be the classic Nacho Cheese.

  39. Ethan C Avatar
    Ethan C

    (In my best Vana White impersonation)

    I LOVE the Paul Smith Sullivan kidskin Zip Boots! Luckily they’re not as expensive as my favorite chips, the Doritos Spicy Sweet Chili!

  40. Brad ott Avatar
    Brad ott

    I love the MSGM floral slip on sneakers! And also cool ranch has to be the best Doritos flavor!

  41. MAX Avatar

    I absolutely LOVE the Paul Smith Jeans Square Print Shorts. It’s very different and can go with almost anything. It’s perfect for the summer! I eat the Salsa Verde Doritos all the time. It’s awesome for your taste buds.

  42. Roger M Avatar
    Roger M

    One of my favorite items would definitely be the 3.1 Phillip Lim white shoes, they are one of the necessary basics for the spring season. Like many people, my favorite flavor of Dorito’s is Cool Ranch .

  43. Roger M Avatar
    Roger M

    One of my favorite items would definitely be the 3.1 Phillip Lim white shoes, they are one of the necessary basics for the spring season. Like many people, my favorite flavor of Dorito’s is Cool Ranch .

  44. Daniel Y. Avatar

    Really digging the A.P.C. Washed Stretch New Denim Jacket. My favorite Doritos flavor is probably the Cool Ranch 3D Doritos (throwback, I know).

  45. Harison H Avatar
    Harison H

    Birkenstocks, inspired by Brock! My favorite Doritos flavor is Spicy Nacho.

  46. ANNA L Avatar
    ANNA L

    Silent by Damir Doma Plejona Sweatpants. Favorite Doritos flavor would have to be cool ranch.

  47. Schaël M. Avatar

    I’m all about that Cool Ranch Doritos life, but gotta give a shoutout to the Originals as well for standing strong all these years.. My favorite item is Dunoon Bonded Raincoat’s Mackintosh in black because it’s the only color people should be wearing and that the little button underneat the collar would make me look like some elitist but like not too much so that people still feel they can talk to me.

  48. Kim D. Avatar
    Kim D.

    I like the Ray-Ban Thin Aviator Sunglasses, and favorite Doritos flavor is Nacho Cheese.

  49. Peter Monn Avatar

    My favorite item are the Viktor & Rolf Brogue Slip on Shoes. And my favorite Doritos flavor is Spicy Nacho…of course!

  50. John Avatar

    My leWk goalZ (and basically my life goal) is to look like an expensive basic bitch. Going with that theme, the Golden Goose sneakers are the epitome of the ‘oh you think i got these at goodwill? well they actually cost wayyy more than your bb payless shoes so go away’ school of thought. I’d smear some Cool Ranch onto those bad boys.