Let’s keep this brief. We wear briefs, not boxers. But, seriously, let’s keep it brief… because right now, RIGHT NOW, we’re flying to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.


The itinerary for the next few days involves spending hours upon hours in the sun (french fried) with eight friends, shacked up in a house right by the beach.

A few questions going into the weekend:

  1. Where are our piña coladas?
  2. No, seriously, where are they?
  3. Do these swimsuits make our butts look big?
  4. Did we pack the gummi bears?

Yes. Yes, we did pack the gummi bears. Our life-line. Our best friend. Our everything.

Gummi bears aside, we also packed a few other poolside necessities 🙂 Here are our Cabo vacation must-haves.

Oh! And they all fit within a carry-on. Because, if we lost our shoes and clothes and priceless heirlooms in our checked luggage, we’d be fine with just our carry-on.

No, that’s a complete lie. Brock would CRY SO MUCH. But, at least we’d have our Cabo vacation must-haves in our carry-on, right?!


  1. Proper Assembly Duffle Bag
  2. Onia Swim Shorts
  3. Adidas Sandals
  4. Oak Sandals
  5. Canon G16 Camera
  6. La Roche Posay SPF
  7. Bain de Soleil Sunscreen
  8. Glossier Face Mist
  9. Glossier Balm
  10. Aesop Lip Cream
  11. Bínaca Breath Freshener
  12. Books (Tinkers and Breakfast at Tiffany’s from this month’s YBC)
  13. Bon Appétit Magazine
  14. Han Kjøbenhavn Sunglasses
  15. SALT. Sunglasses
  16. Haribo Gold-Bears

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3 responses to “CABO PACKING PARTY”

  1. The Kentucky Gent Avatar

    You boys have fun. I just got some of the items I ordered for my Mexico trip this morning, and I can’t wait until I’m packing up and hitting the beach as well.

    Josh – The Kentucky Gent

  2. Albert Avatar

    Love the OAK Sandals!

    Cheers, Albert | Palming Pebbles

    1. yummertime Avatar

      Thank you!! 🙂 We LOVE them too, haha!