One day soon, we’ll throw a MASSIVE slumber party and host the best Yummertime Book Club the world’s ever seen. With copious amounts of pizza, temporary tattoos, gummy bears, and everyone will wear UGGs. Because #yolo.

And we’ll have a PILLOW FIGHT. Okay, maybe not, actually. So, maybe just a DANCE PARTY. Yes. Definitely a dance party.

Until then, we’re just really happy that these little posts have become a huge success 😀 You’ve got us yelling out… PEOPLE STILL READ!

This is the latest installment of Yummertime Book Club!

To preface, we’re heading off to Cabo in less than a week’s time.


And we’ve been frying our little buns off at a tanning salon in SF in preparation for it. Wait. You didn’t need to know that, did you? #honestyisagoodquality. It’s also irrelevant to this post. Moving on.

With a vacation soon to be underway, we’re actually most excited to spend hours upon hours in silence, complete silence, ‘SHHHHH don’t talk to me’-silence, just reading. And for this installment of Yummertime Book Club, we’ve decided to venture a little off ‘trend’ and choose two books that we’ve had recommended to us for months upon months upon months upon months upon months.

Upon months.

The first book (Chris’s pick) is Breakfast at Tiffany’s, by Truman Capote. A completely unknown book The second book (Brock’s choice) is Tinkers, by Paul Harding. And the two couldn’t be more different. The first, a book about a ‘society’ girl who makes a living by socializing with wealthy mean who give her money and expensive presents… so, basically our ideal life? KIDDING; the other, the 2010 Pulitzer Prize Winner for Fiction, a book about the memories shared between a ‘tinker’ father and his clock repairman son, recounted on the son’s deathbed.

We realize our choices for books stand in direct contrast to our choices for TV shows… Pulitzer Prize winning books? Or Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and The Bachelor? Don’t make us choose.


Now on to our 140 character reviews of last month’s books!

Man Repellerby Leandra Medine (Brock’s choice):
Leandra’s essays are laughable. No, really, I laughed through the entire book, she’s HILARIOUS. Heart-on-her-sleeve anecdotes all about love.


Itby Alexa Chung (Chris’s choice):
Perfect for a non-reading kind of reader. Basically a mood board. The BEST for those obsessed with Tumblr/Instagram. But, visually inspiring.


So that’s it. Those are our reviews and our picks. What do you think?

Chris: J. Crew Tee / Profound Aesthetics Hat

Brock: Levi’s Vintage Tee (similar)

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  1. The Kentucky Gent Avatar

    I’m planning out a warm weather vacation as well, and I’m beyond excited to get a chance to catch up on my reading.

    Josh – The Kentucky Gent

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