Here’s a confession: sometimes we wear the same outfit… several days in a row. Okay, don’t judge. No, stop. It’s not like we smell. Stop. No, really, stop; don’t judge. We wear deodorant, duh.

If you KNOW an outfit’s good, why NOT repeat it? That’s the philosophical question of the century. You can quote us.

Okay, but this is all beside the point. Really, we just needed to get that off of our chest. The point is…

We went to Central Park when it was 5 degrees Fahrenheit out.

“Okay, really. Are they going to talk about the cold again? Another post that starts off with ‘Two California boys who can’t seem to dress for colder weather;’ ugh, they’re so annoying.”

Um. Okay, rude. But, maybe that’s a little bit true. Okay, it’s totally true. Let’s not talk about the cold. Let’s talk about… um, our seven thoughts this Monday morning.

  1. No.
  2. No.
  3. *We get out of bed…* Okay, now we’re ready for the week. But, really, we just get back into bed.
  4. What’s for breakfast?
  5. Oh, gawd, we shouldn’t have had so much ramen last night.
  6. Should we actually get out of bed now?
  7. Okay, well, our big to-do this week… how should we begin our next little project?

Now, that that’s done, let’s get back to talking about the cold! We just have to mention. Our HONSS gloves. Look at Brock’s. They’re like a golden crocodile. #rare. No, they’re not real crocodile.

The day we shot this post, though, the wind was relatively minimal. 5 degrees, but with no wind chill. PRAISE. MOTHER. NATURE. And unbeknownst to everyone who saw us, thinking we were only wearing a tee and a denim/ corduroy jacket, we FOOLED THEM! We each had on at least six layers on top, three layers on bottom, with AT LEAST two pairs of thick wool socks on (Chris is a baby and had on three pairs…).

But, hey, we still looked like us. No cold weather can change that. It seemed like everyone kept telling us we needed warmer coats. And, out loud, we’d be all like, “Yeah, yeah, we know. Brrrrrr.” But, in our minds, we were all like,



Chris: Levi’s Corduroy Trucker (old) / COS Tee / Levi 510s / Dr. Martens Boots / HONNS Gloves

Brock: Levi’s Denim Trucker / J.Crew Shirt / Wallace & Barnes Jeans / Adidas Shoes / Kentucky for Kentucky Hat (old) / Warby Parker Glasses / HONNS Gloves

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4 responses to “WE WON’T TALK ABOUT THE COLD”

  1. The Kentucky Gent Avatar

    Now if there was only something to keep faces warm..

    Josh – The Kentucky Gent

  2. alex Avatar

    I don´t know how you handle that weather, but I hope to be able to handle it as well as you do and still look flawless.
    Love u guys!

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