February 17, 2015


This photo… we’re smiling on the inside. But, our faces? Our faces clearly demonstrate the equal lack of enthusiasm we have for the snow. This is our love/hate relationship with the snow.

We love it. We hate it.

Um, that’s it.

No, wait, there’s more.

We’re pretty sure our hands froze, suffering irreparable damage, trying to take Instagram photos of each other. That sentence alone is enough to have us worried. Talk about drama. Sign us up for a Bravo show. No, really.

And, so, in honor of our relationship with the snow, here’s a haiku:

Snow snow snow snow snow
No no no no no no no
Umm just go away

But… this probably just has to do with the fact that we don’t know how to dress for a ‘real’ winter… Case in point, a denim on denim outfit in the middle of 15 degrees without a proper coat. (But, we realllyyyyyyyyyyy wanted to show off the new Chippewa boots Brock recently got for a BARGAIN; which, probably could have looked great with a huge trench coat also… So, yeah, nevermind).

We don’t know how to dress for ‘real’ weather. Don’t trust us for advice on dressing for the winter…


Chris: Gap Coat / Gap Jacket / Levi 511’s / Camper Shoes

Brock: Levi’s Jacket (thrifted) / Uniqlo Tee / Levi 501 CT / Chippewa Boots / Warby Parker Glasses (yes, they are prescription)

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  • Michael February 18, 2015 at 6:16 am

    No worries, we have similar relationship with snow.
    But on the other hand we are saying..better with white snow than with grey mud around =D
    Brock’s jacket is perfect!