February 24, 2015



We’re only halfway through the week. But, then again, what if we looked at Wednesday from a more optimistic perspective? Like, we’re halfway through… the week. Yeah, we tried to do a ‘you’re looking at the glass half empty, half full’ kind of thing… and obviously it doesn’t really apply to Wednesdays. We still have two more days until the weekend (insert crying emoji).

It’s Wednesday.

We could all use a little something to pull us through the week. Here’s our solution. Us… trying to be funny. Trying.

Like, what if we were breaking news journalists?! Here are our most promising headlines:

Dog Craze OVER, DONE-ZO, Everyone Wants Cats!

Felicia Responds, I’m Still Here

Real Bae Revealed, IT Consultant From Nebraska

Okay, we’re sucking at this… let’s pick it up.

Odd Number Just Can’t Even
HAHAHAHAHAH. Get it?!? Odd Number. Just Can’t. EVEN?!

Selena Gomez Releases Sequel Song, The Heart Wants Pizza
Totally our kind of song.

Yummertime Develops Fat-Burning Gummy Bear Diet
It’ll be a thing. Just wait and see.

We’re headed for a career in journalism.

Wednesdays and journalism aside, we’re also super happy about our most recent discovery: the tee and sweatshirt we’re wearing (PICTURED; LOOK AT THEM. BEAUTIFUL), made by Daniel Patrick, an edgier brand than most of the items in our closet.

When it comes to what we wear, we’re actually really picky. And when we saw Daniel Patrick’s use of a seam, right down the middle of the tee and sweatshirt (PICTURED; LOOK AT THEM. THEY’RE BEAUTIFUL… okay, we said that already, but did you look?), we loved the idea.

So, instantly, we were like, SHOPPING SPREE. Not to mention, in the next instant, we were both like:

‘Looooooooooooook. This is so flattering on our bodies. So, we don’t need to go to the gym tonight, right?’


Chris: Daniel Patrick Tee / Levi Chinos / Adidas Shoes / Warby Parker Sunglasses

Brock: Daniel Patrick Sweatshirt / Levi 501 CT (they’re womens! haha) / Vans Shoes / Oakley Sunglasses

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