January 29, 2015


Bring on the books. And bring on the babes. Because, for this next installment, we’re reading two books written by two babes — Leandra Medine and Alexa Chung!

Oh, goodness. That’s such an awful beginning to a post. Really, it’s just so boring. Like, who are we? “Oh, we know. We’ll use alliteration! Babes and… books. GENIUS! HAHAHA, we’re laughing so hard.”


It’s Friday. We’re writing this early in the morning. We want donuts. We need donuts. But, alas, we’ll stick to the mission at hand. LET’S TALK ABOUT THE BOOKS AND THE BABES! We did it again…

In choosing our books for this next installment, we made our decisions solely based on two distinct goals that were important to us: 1) to be inspired, and 2) to read a biographical account from a totally different perspective. Sounds like a Lifetime movie. LOVE Lifetime movies. Did you see The Brittany Murphy Story?! Okay, we’re straying off course. (But, seriously, did you see it?!)

Our choices? Man Repeller, by Leandra Medine (Brock’s pick), and It, by Alexa Chung (Chris’s pick). Written by two of the most influential women in fashion right now (can we say that? YES WE CAN. DON’T TRY AND FIGHT US; whoa caps lock), the two books offer two totally different, yet equally honest narratives on their worlds and the transitions of their style and love life. Well… that’s what their synopses say… So, yeah. That’s what they’re about!

And let’s just be honest, you know we love a good story about love AND style. Well, maybe you didn’t know that. Now you do.


Now on to our reviews for last installment’s books! In the grand tradition of the Yummertime Book Club, we’ll review each book in under 140 characters. Because, like, social media, #duh.

The Goldfinch, by Donna Tartt (chosen by Chris):
It’s no wonder this book won a Pulitzer Prize. An incredibly epic narrative set in modern day, I didn’t expect SO many twists and turns.

Okay, that’s not enough. Chris needs 140 more characters…
But most of all I love how Tartt took on the idea of ‘fate’ & made it the main character to the entire story. I’m clearly gushing over this.

Mr. Bones, by Paul Theroux (chosen by Brock):
Each story was interesting, but some went on and on unnecessarily. If you’re more open to meandering, you’ll probably enjoy this.

So sassy.

What did you think of the books?!

Oh, and P.S. Yummertime Book Club will fall on the last Friday of every month. So pencil us in 😉


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  • The Kentucky Gent January 30, 2015 at 3:32 pm

    All these #GirlBosses coming out with books I’m having a hard time keeping up. When are you two going to release #GayBosses?

    • yummertime February 5, 2015 at 11:40 am

      Soon. Soon. 😉