December 2, 2014


If you looked at our Myspace profiles, circa 2004, you’d see the same sort of photo, over and over. Mirror selfies. All black. A trademark, ‘don’t look at me’ pose. The one where you take the photo from up above, looking down. Thinking about it, though, it’s the same shot you see in a Rogaine commercial. Like this. But, really, it was more like this. See? Samezies. #twinning

So, here’s a confession, from us to you. We’re back to black AND we still take selfies. This might be a problem. We’re baby-adults (the type of person who’s over 18, works and has their own money, but still has the mind of a 12-year old). So, like… should we invest in Myspace? Forget it, we’d rather spend our money wisely. We just want a Frappucino.

It’s not like we’re emo over 4th period or a 10pm curfew. Like, come on, Jessica Duzy across the street doesn’t have a curfew, so why should we?!

No, we’ve just been feeling exhausted from the enormous amount of color that took over our wardrobe over the past two years. Don’t get us wrong (question about that phrase, how do you actually get someone wrong?)… but, really, don’t get us wrong, we LOVE color. We mean, have you SEEN our Instagram? PINK, PINK, BLUE, BLUE, OH MY GOODNESS, YELLOWWWWWWWW. But, if you looked at us two years ago, we were wearing Lagoon Blue and Cherry Red chinos, Mint Green shirts and jeans tucked into our boots… okay, the latter isn’t specific to color, but, really… jeans tucked into boots…

No, yeah, we still love color. But, just take a look at our latest snags from Topman — black neoprene ‘scuba’ and black denim. All that’s missing is a selfie, taken from above.

We’re just going through a dark phase.






Chris: Topman Tee / Levi’s Made & Crafted Jeans / Converse Shoes / Miansai Cuff

Brock: Topman Shirt / Levi’s Made & Crafted Jeans / Birkenstock Sandals / Ray Ban Sunglasses / Miansai Cuff


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  • jacob phelps December 3, 2014 at 5:42 am

    lookin’ good, boys!