December 12, 2014


Don’t you sometimes wish you had an orchestra playing a soundtrack to your life? Like, total rom-com status. Right when you spill your Starbucks venti, no-foam, nonfat milk, triple shot, one-pump sugar-free vanilla latte with a dash of cinnamon onto your lap, boom, a John Williams crescendo, and then you see it. Love at first sight. The most perfect sprinkled donut. We’re rambling though. Like, we’re totally off topic, you know? This has nothing to do with this post whatsoever.

This post? We’re both wearing plaid. We’re standing in front of a wall. Wool and sherpa-lined jackets. Hmmm, where can we take this? Let’s talk about our life, but in the voice of two lumberjacks! BINGO.

“Grrrr. What should we do today? Do you want to see the latest Reese Witherspoon movie? But, first, let’s cut down some trees. Grrr. Grrrr. Grrr.”
“Grrr. Yes, let’s definitely go see the newest Reese Witherspoon movie. But, yes, first, let’s cut down some trees. Grrr. Grrr.”

Or at least, that’s how we’d talk if we were lumberjacks. Clearly it’s a good thing we’re not lumberjacks.

DISCLAIMER: If we offended you as a lumberjack, or as a family member of a lumberjack, we deeply apologize. Not all lumberjacks like Reese Witherspoon.

What’s interesting to us, though, is the fact that current ‘style’ easily, and blatantly, draws from caricatures of real people. Okay, who are we… getting all philosophical and thoughtful? We need some balance. We need a pop culture reference somewhere…

Kim Kardashian.

Okay, perfect.

But, really, a friend of ours just used the following phrase in a recent Instagram of his: lumbersexuals. And so, obviously, it’s hilarious. We’ll take it. But, more than that, he’s just pointing out the obvious. The lumberjack is totally an actual look that, for the most part, can be seen around every corner in San Francisco.

And obviously, we don’t mind it. Hence, the reason we broke out the plaid, wool and sherpa-lined Levi’s jacket. We’re feeling rugged.

Oh lawd (we had to change out our phrasing, we can’t just keep saying ‘oh my gourd’ when it’s clearly close to Winter and not Fall anymore)… oh lawd, we just said we’re feeling rugged…








Chris: Levi Jacket (thrifted) / J.Crew Shirt / Club Monaco Corduroys / Adidas Shoes / Miansai Cuff

Brock: J.Crew Shirt / Levi 511s / Timberland Boots / Miansai Cuff

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  • The Kentucky Gent December 14, 2014 at 6:10 pm

    So rugged in your flannels and bomber jackets.