December 9, 2014


Forget that new pair of Campers you’ve been wanting all year, which would look AWESOME with your new oversized tee from Topman or COS. Do you know what goes best with oversized shirts? Oversized hearts.

Cue ‘joke we used before…’ oh my goodness, did you just roll your eyes? Oh my goodness, are you making a barf face? Oh my goodness, are you ACTUALLY barfing?!

Yeah, you’re right. Those Campers would look amazing. BUT, here are EIGHT ways to show off your oversized heart this holiday season, #yummertime style:

  1. Next time you’re with a friend, tell them you really like that they don’t breathe out of their mouth. We’re willing to bet that they most likely don’t, so it’s not a lie! And if they do, just don’t say anything, because that’s nice too?
  2. Out of the blue, when a stranger looks at you, widen your eyes, open your mouth and smile the biggest smile you’ve ever smiled before in your whole smile history. Everyone says that smiling more makes the world a happier place. And you’ll most likely induce that stranger to stop staring because you look crazy.
  3. Don’t fart. Just until next year.
  4. Studies show that human touch can result in almost universal positive effects, specifically with regards to the bonds of friendship. So, umm… okay, this is awkward. Ummm… touch your friend? DISCLAIMER: we bear no responsibility for the result of this. And to quote this beautiful article from 2010: “If you touch a bus driver, he’s more likely to let you on for free,” So, there’s also that.
  5. Send a friend a selfie while making a really, really weird or ugly face. Then say, “you’re so much prettier than me :(“
  6. Buy a backscratcher. Here. Then, when you’re watching TV at night with friends or family, slyly, sneakily, really quietly bust it out, and start scratching a friend’s back. It could either read as “oh my goodness, this is exactly what I needed!” or as “oh my goodness, what… WHAT… WHAT WHAT WHAT are you DOING?!” Regardless, you’re at least thinking of someone else!
  7. Volunteer for the SPCA or adopt a cute kitten, cat, puppy or dog this year. That’s really one of the best ways you can show off your oversized heart.
  8. And if all else fails, buy this and this for you and your bestie. You’ll feel so comfy together.

Oversized hearts and oversized shirts. They’re a pretty great combo.



Chris: COS Tee / Levi’s 511s / Converse Shoes / Warby Parker Sunglasses / Miansai Cuff

Brock: Topman Tee / Wallace & Barnes Jeans / Birkenstock Sandals / Moscot Sunglasses / Miansai Cuff

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  • The Kentucky Gent December 10, 2014 at 10:03 am

    I’ll take one oversized heart to match all the oversized tees in my closet, plz.