November 19, 2014


Okay, so we’ll be honest. This isn’t as much a guide to falafels in the Bay Area as it is a single proclamation of a severe kind of love (Beyonce-like obsession? Shakespearean-kind of passion? Straight to the veins through an IV kind of love?) for Falafel’s Drive In in San Jose. We need those falafel balls right now. Wait. We didn’t say that right, did we?

A serious question: is it worth the trek down from San Francisco to San Jose, just for Falafel’s Drive In?


If you’d like to have a moist (had to do it, there’s no other way to describe such a beautiful creation, even amidst our pure hatred for the word ‘moist;’ there we go, we said it again!)… again… if you’d like to have a moist, yet crisp, perfectly seasoned, clog-your-arteries-kind-of-delicious ‘healthy’ alternative to that multi-meat BBQ cheeseburger (okay, yeah, that sounds delicious too; order two for us), then the trek down to San Jose, right off the 280, is SO WORTH IT. Can we hashtag that?


Also, here’s a new kind of philosophical question to consider… why do all of the best foodie spots have the absolute worst websites? If our correlations are right, does a horrible website, in fact, equate to incredibly delicious, borderline pant-and-sigh-and-make-orgasmic-sounds food?

So, that’s it. That’s all we have to say today. Scratch that. One more thing… Have you SEEN the insanely jaw-dropping trailer for Into The Woods? Seriously, when the trailer hit the ‘This Christmas’ still, we gasped. Even Thomas, our cat, gasped. Srsly.




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