November 4, 2014


This photo is… so… bright. But, we love it! We also recently found out that we love watching Botched. And we love Camelbak water bottles. But, those are totally beside the point we’re about to make. Important statements, but still beside the point.

The point? The point. The point! The point is Proper Assembly and with that comes what we’ve been carrying around with us as of late. “Wait are you talking about… bags?!” Why, yes, yes, we are. “I love bags!!!” And we do too!

But, on the real, we really should look into these internal dialogues we seem to be having all the time… Hello? Are you still there? We kid. You know we’re kidding, right? Back to Proper Assembly.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve brought the No.5 Backpack (Ochre) around with us… EVERYWHERE. In a similar way, we’ve done the same with the No.4 Collapsible Tote (Sage). Quick and short, they’re our latest obsessions, and not just because we love a good bag. Because, trust us, we do love a good bag. But, they’re a new brand, started just a year ago, with an important cause: in partnership with The Adventure Project, for every bag or product sold, Proper Assembly makes a contribution to cover the cost of tote bags used by entrepreneurs in developing countries to carry medical supplies, promoting both affordable health care and employment.

Be sure to check out their recent blog post featuring… us! Yummertime! These two boys! Brock and Chris! Hello, we’re over here! But, better yet, use the code “yummertime” at checkout to receive 20% off your first purchase from properassembly.com.





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  • The Kentucky Gent November 6, 2014 at 1:46 pm

    Love those bags though!