In spite of the fact that for a day at a time — just a day, only a day, just ONE day — it’ll be warm in SF, the weather’s actually getting colder. Yes, it’s colder, despite our constant proclamations as San Franciscans that, we, unlike the rest of the world, have an ‘Indian Summer.’ We’ll be talking to a friend in New York and we’re all like, “oh wait, what? It’s cold there? HAHA. Oh, you’ve pulled out your trench coats? HAHA. Well, joke’s on you. We’re in 400 square feet of hell in our apartment. HAHA. We’re like baking in a sauna right now. We’re like profusely sweating on the couch right now, dripping, sopping, oh my gourd, so disgusting, without air conditioning. Jealous much? You’re totally jealous.”

But, now it’s just cold. Like, really cold. Like, really, really, really, brrrrr, cold. Does that solidify just how cold it is? It’s like, really, really cold. It’s 60 degrees.

And so, where’s the confetti? It’s time to bring out the coats and the boots! (Who are we? We even rolled our eyes as we wrote that. Like, was that supposed to be funny? We don’t even know). But, that’s where Timberland comes in. Well more specifically, the Timberland Tenon Bomber Jacket and the Coulter 9-eye Boots.

There’s nothing that says “I’m finally over you, Summer. You’re long gone and I’m moving on. Oh, we’re poets and we didn’t even know it. We’re with Fall now. Tight like peanut butter and jelly,” quite like a pair of take-over-the-world boots and a slick bomber jacket.

Shown here, the bomber jacket is paired with a super relaxed (and, mind you — well, no, not mind you, how would you know it’s old, as in old, from-the-depths-of-our-closet-old) button down by Lucky Brand. There’s something about mixing the hardness of the bomber jacket with the ease of a button down, unbuttoned quite a bit. The more fitted the jacket, at least to us, the more useable it is for a casual fit and look. Think, casual. Think, pajama casual. Like, “oh yeah, I’m wearing leather AND my satin pajamas.” Actually, no, that’s too casual. Forget that. Please, please forget that. A simple white tee, henley, or soft cotton button down will do just fine.

On Brock, we decided to pair the Coulter 9-eyes with black Levi 511s, definitely cuffed extra high for the boot’s height. No surprise there, we always cuff our jeans. But, hey, when a boot’s got nine eyes… well, no, that’s not a saying. We just wanted to show off the boots.

But, you might even see Brock wear the Coulter 9-eyes with this vest and a white tee eventually. But, shhhh, that’s a secret. And for the jacket, maybe a thinly striped long-sleeve.

What about you? How would you style the jacket and boots? Just share your own Timberland looks with #inmyelement and we’ll be sure to check ’em out 🙂








Chris: Timberland Jacket / Lucky Brand Shirt (old) / Levi’s Made & Crafted Jeans / Vans Shoes / Urban Outfitters Beanie

Brock: Topman Shirt / Levi’s 511s / Timberland Boots / Moscot Sunglasses / Bandana (Thrifted) / Miansai Cuff

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One response to “WE’RE YELLING TIMBER(LAND)”

  1. Tommy Avatar

    The jacket is incredible.