November 18, 2014


Fashions fade, style is eternal – Yves Saint Laurent

And so is pizza. Pizza is eternal. Pizza is our favorite. We went on a pizza date. A date, mind you, with a very specific purpose. A very important, specific purpose. PIZZA. PIZZA. PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA PIZZAAAAAAAAAAAA.

But, other than the pizza, we also needed to get away from the world for a bit, just the two of us, spending the evening chatting about nonsense, cute kittens, and gummy bears in the fridge (oh, no, did we allude to an upcoming post?!). But, what did we wear, you ask? Oh, you’re not asking because you can plainly see what we wore? Well, then… yeah, whatever, then. No, yeah, we didn’t think you were really asking what we wore.

Okay, moving on…

There’s no denying our love for classic Chuck Taylors. There’s also no denying our love for a good sweater or sweatshirt. Make it cashmere. Put those together, and BAM, we’re the happiest boys around. We’ll call these looks, “pizza date”-worthy. After all, with a sweatshirt, you can easily hide the fact that you’ve just consumed eight pieces of pizza all by yourself…

But, really, there’s something super effortless about a look that incorporates high tops, jeans or chinos cuffed a little too high, and a cozy sweater, the chunkier the better. Totally “pizza date”-worthy. Totally worthy of eight pieces of pizza. Totally worthy of a night full of pizza upon pizza upon pizza. Heaven is a place on Earth… with pizza.

P.S. We ate at Tony’s in North Beach. Ordered a Detroit-style pizza (our new favorite kind of pizza?! Srsly, u need 2 try 1) and a bottle of chianti. #fancy




Chris: J.Crew Sweater / Saturdays NYC Pants / Converse Shoes

Brock: H&M Sweatshirt / J.Crew Jeans / Converse Shoes / Miansai Cuff


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