October 24, 2014


Haha. Haha. Hahah. We’re still laughing at that title. Haha. Haha. But, that’s the problem… we always laugh at our own jokes. Get it? You see what we did there? It’s a play on the word mono. No, no, no, we totally understand, mono’s not funny. But, see, we’re not saying ‘mono.’ We said ‘monochrome.’ Not ‘mono.’ Monochrome. Like, ‘we once canoodled and got mono;’ but, instead, we said ‘we once ombréd and got monochrome.’ Get it? Yes, people do still say ‘canoodled.’ Yes, they do. Okay, yeah, the whole title wasn’t that funny.

We digress. Let’s just talk about clothes.

Over the past few weeks, our style has largely been impacted and almost taken over by single colors and/or palettes. Sounds boring, sure, yeah, you’re totally right. But, then again, it’s really not. To us, we’re forced to look at the outfit more closely to pick out details when the whole look teeters along a singular dimension at initial glance. But, what do we know, right? It just feels… different and fresh and let’s be honest, easy and effortless. Not sure what to wear? Wear one color. Really, though, what do we know?! What. do. we. know?! WHAT. do. WE. know?

Well, we know we love the weekend. So, next topic. What do you have going on for the weekend? Need some ideas?

Consider buying these. (It says you need to be max 160 pounds… but, can we stretch that a little? No, no, we’re only, like, a jar of peanut butter over 160 pounds [wait, is that another peanut butter reference?!])

Stay current on pop culture and watch this, then bring it up in conversation with your friends, all abruptly, like, “hold on, everyone, this is more important than anything you’re saying — sorry, Rhonda, your cat can’t predict the weather — have you seen the nun who sang Like a Virgin?” Wait, your friends don’t talk about their psychic cats?

Head to the nearest grocery store and buy a bag of Wasabi Ginger Lay’s, the latest winner of the Lay’s ‘Do Us a Flavor’ contest. While you’re at it, also buy a bag of Cheesy Garlic Bread Lay’s. Why? Do you need a reason why?

Okay. We’re kind of out of other ideas. Happy weekend, y’all!






Chris: J.Crew Shirt / Marc by Marc Jacobs Jeans (old) / Vans Shoes / Steven Alan Glasses / Miansai Cuff

Brock: Cos Sweater (similar) / Levi’s 511s / H by Hudson Shoes / Han Kjøbenhavn Sunglasses / Miansai Cuff


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