October 20, 2014


Where are the balloons and glitter? No, really, where’s the glitter? No, stop everything, where’s the glitter? Today is Yummertime’s 4-month birthday, we’re listening to T.Swift’s new song (oh my gourd, are you rolling your eyes? are you actually making a barf face? are you actually barfing?!), and we can’t even begin to describe just how thankful we are for you. Wait, are we getting sappy? Maybe it’s this T.Swift song…

PSYCH, it’s not the song! It’s been four months of waking up at 5:30am. Four months of running, literally running, across the city to catch the light before Karl the Fog takes it from us. All to snap some pics and document just what Yummertime means to us.

Hold on. What does this even have to do with Alcatraz? “Like, this blog is so tired. Insert sleeping emoji, zzz emoji and sassy girl with palm up emoji. Maybe throw in a toilet emoji. Oh, and a poo emoji. Oh, and how about a floppy disk emoji, you know, because this blog is feeling so ‘old.'”

When we first started Yummertime, we wanted to document a lifestyle, our lifestyle. It’s a feeling, that Yummertime feeling when you buy a bunch of pumpkins for no real reason, wear an outfit that just feels ‘cool’ to you, find a pink wall and snap hundreds of photos in front of it because, duh, that’s what you want to do, or talk about books because you like books. And it’s because of you that this little blog is four months old and going strong.

So, back to Alcatraz. Okay, confession… Yummertime’s four-month birthday and Alcatraz have nothing to do with each other… But, who cares!

We’ve lived in San Francisco for just over two years now, and there are still SO many ‘quintessential San Francisco’ places, foods, things, etc. we have yet to experience together. And so, for Chris’ big 24th birthday, we took a little time (see STAYCATION) to check some items off of our ever-growing ‘Must See-Do-Eat-Drink-Visit in San Francisco List” (note: this list does not actually exist, as it would be, like, really, really, REALLY long). And do you know what woulds be on that list? Do you? Do you? Do you? Whoa, we’re being weird. But, the answer is, Alcatraz!!

We grabbed two of our favorite ‘cold-weather-and-it-might-rain’ jackets, one by Parisian brand, K-Way, and the other by American brand, Penfield, and took the ferry over to The Rock to do some exploring for the morning. Commence an “I’m the king of the world!” moment as we stood at the front of the ferry, arms outstretched, in front of so many tourists.

Oh, yes, we did do that.

But, you know what else we did? Well, no, we’re being silly, we don’t expect you to know that. We went on an audio tour! STOP EVERYTHING. An audio tour?! You betcha, we love a good audio tour. Especially one with convicted criminals and prison guards who narrate the entire time. Exciting, right?

Okay, we’ve written enough here. Really, look how long this copy is! Happy 4-months, Yummertime<3









Chris: Penfield Jacket (similar) / J.Crew Shirt / Levi’s Made & Crafted Jeans / Eastland Shoes / Warby Parker Sunglasses / Miansai Cuff

Brock: K-Way Jacket / J.Crew Shirt / Levi’s 511s / Clarks Shoes / Han Kjøbenhavn Sunglasses / Miansai Cuff

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  • The Kentucky Gent October 22, 2014 at 7:15 am

    Congrats on a successful four months! Love tagging along.