We’ll make use of a totally trendy phrase right now, “the struggle is real, y’all.” Well, no, not necessarily… we threw in that “y’all” ourselves. Clever, right? Gotta be inclusive. Not everyone’s a “you guys.” Remember that, all you guys.

But, again. The struggle is real.

Question, though: why is everyone talking about a real struggle? We need answers. Dear dictionary, what is a “real struggle”? On that note, can you please define an “unreal struggle?”

But, let’s break it down, our struggle is really real. Like, really, really real.

5:30am. First alarm goes off. Chris mumbles. Brock mumbles. Snooze.

5:39am. Second alarm goes off. Chris mumbles. Brock mumbles. Snooze.

6:06am. Fourth alarm goes off. Chris, “are we going to the gym?” Brock mumbles. Chris, “what?” Brock mumbles. Chris, “wait, what?” Brock mumbles. Snooze.

6:15am. Fifth alarm goes off. Chris, “we can go to the gym after work, right?” Brock mumbles. Chris, “okay, yeah, that’s what we’ll do.” Snooze.

6:17am. No alarm. Chris, “Okay, no, we really need to get up. We need to shoot a post.” Brock mumbles. Chris, “No, really.” Brock mumbles. Chris goes to feed Thomas.

So yeah, we  definitely struggle. No, not a real struggle? Well, then… one night we struggled with the dilemma, five Reese’s or ten? No, not to share; for each of us.

Everyday we’re strugglin’. Even before this post, we spent an entire hour, groggy and hungry and hangry, just trying to find the RIGHT location to shoot. And… we ended up with a wall. But, hey, don’t we look great as cats?! That, coupled with a pair of perfectly laid-back looks, and we’re trucking through the struggle of the day.






Chris: Levi’s Trucker Jacket / Gap Tee / Levi’s 511 (similar) / Clarks Desert Boot

Brock: J.Crew Shirt / Levi’s 511 Trousers (old) / Converse Shoes / Urban Outfitters Beanie / Miansai Cuff


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2 responses to “EVERYDAY WE’RE STRUGGLIN’”

  1. Michael Avatar

    Guys, 5:30am? Wow.. I am in deep sleep that time =D. And my bf too. We are not a morning persons, our waking up looks similar as yours just two hours later and with the same problems. So, don’t give up, I want to assure you it is completely normal!! Don’t worry =))
    So, enjoy the weekend and keep posting, I always like to read words from you and see photos =)

    PS: I am glad that someone other thinks too that Denim on Denim is good choice!

  2. The Kentucky Gent Avatar

    I’m a firm believer in “y’all” – however it may be because of where I’m from, oh well. I have the same struggle every morning, even Iggy Azalea’s “Work” can’t make me wake up. I’ll run after lunch today, right?