No. No, they didn’t… who do they think they are? Really? Who do they think they are? They actually tried to copy T.Swift?! They literally just replicated her album artwork? Literally. Literally. Let’s say ‘literally’ some more. Literally, literally, literally. Literally.

But, yes… yes, we did. And you should too 🙂

We’ve forgotten to mention our obsession with polaroids. Scratch that, it’s mainly Brock’s obsession — well, mostly because he has, and let’s be conservative here, around twenty thousand different polaroid cameras (more like just twenty, though). But, let’s also be honest, Chris likes to take polaroids of himself too. NOTE to everyone for birthday gifts in the future: no. more. polaroid. cameras.

But, there was a time, when we first moved to the city, where we took, and let’s be conservative again, around four thousand polaroids of each other (more like just four), the city and friends and places and discoveries, every single day. There’s something really authentic about shooting film and having a finite amount of shots at your disposal. Oh, and dare we say it’s more authentic than Instagram? But, then again, so is watching twenty hours of Netflix while eating peanut butter out of the jar… that’s definitely more authentic than what you see on Instagram. And maybe more fun. No? Hello? Are you there? Hello?

We shoot Impossible Project film, which runs about $28 for 8 exposures, on a vintage Polaroid Sun600 camera. And, of course, we wore plain white and black tees, because to us that’s the foundation to our own sense of style. T.Swift? Watch out.

Also, totally random thought, can we consider pizza a balanced meal? It has bread, vegetables and fruit, meat, and dairy. Just a thought. Really though, we should run with that. Round Table Pizza endorsement, are we right or are we right? Just remember, Yummertime told you first.

Chris: Esprit Tee

Brock: Esprit Tee

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2 responses to “1990 x POLAROIDS”

  1. The Kentucky Gent Avatar

    90s babies for the win.

  2. Lisa Harrington Avatar
    Lisa Harrington

    Round Table is my favorite pizza.