September 15, 2014


After a week in L.A., we’re happy to be back in San Francisco. SO happy. As we were riding in an Uber from the airport, we both realized just how much we missed the city upon seeing the skyline. But, we digress.

So here’s the thing… we love this hat. But, it looks the best on Brock. #truth

We’re taking the time to try different approaches to our typical Californian, casual style. We’re hesitant to say, “we’re taking risks,” because, really, why should what you wear ever be a risk? And while we’ve usually stuck to wearing baseball caps (while also avoiding the bucket hat trend as of late — that was already big for us in the 90s when we were… 8 years old?), we saw this wide-brim bowler hat and instantly made the purchase. There’s something super cool about it, yet understated. Well, maybe not understated… haha.

We do have to admit, though — when paired with some bright sunlight and intense shadows, the hat looks even cooler.










Chris: GANT Sweater / Levi’s 511s (old) / Vans Shoes / Warby Parker Sunglasses / Daniel Wellington Watch

Brock: Urban Outfitters Hat / Sandro Shirt (similar) / J.Crew 484s / Tom Ford Sunglasses / ID Bracelet

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  • Michael September 17, 2014 at 12:24 am

    Hats..hats..hats.. I have to say I didn’t like hats on young guys..but this year I turned out my opinion and I love it. Don’t know why, maybe because of the massmedia campaigns all around or that lot of people can combine it in the right way that it looks cool.. Brock, that hat suits you well! =) I am still looking for the perfect one for me.
    And again, nice shots, great idea with that shades on the wall =)