Okay, we did it.

We FINALLY made it to The Fremont Diner, and just in time to check it off as the last item on our summer bucket list, oh so conveniently planned for the last weekend of summer. Did you know that today’s the last official day of summer? With how swiftly time passes us by nowadays — head down, staring at Instagram — sometimes it’s necessary to make note of moments like this. Maybe it keeps us grounded (an internal dialogue that goes something like, “Oh, yeah, today’s the last day of summer; what am I going to do? PIÑA COLADAS”). Maybe it keeps us looking ahead (an internal dialogue that goes something like, “Finally, it’s fall. Where’s our pumpkin spice lattes and the new season of American Horror Story?”). Okay, maybe that’s just us… Regardless of what it means to note a moment like that, the last day of summer, we’re happy to say, we’ve accomplished a lot this season.

Now, back to The Fremont Diner 😛 The Fremont Diner was, and is, everything we expected and more. Three words: Chicken Fried Steak. Two more words: Ricotta Pancakes.

Perfectly situated along Highway 12, heading from Sonoma to Napa, the diner is a must for breakfast/brunch. We just can’t wait to go back and try it out for dinner — please do us a favor and check out Nashville Chicken on their menu. We’re already salivating. We promise, we also do eat healthy at times. Yes, at times, we do.

We sat at the counter, watching the whole kitchen bustle and move through everyone’s orders, chatting with our waitress throughout the whole brunch. First, a mimosa and a glass of sparkling mead; second, Chicken Fried Steak and Ricotta Pancakes — this time, we didn’t want to share with each other; third (and an absolute must), an order of caramel cake for the road.

You’re going to love this place. Total Yummertime.



Chris: J.Crew Shirt (old) / Levi’s 511s (similar) / Teva Sandals / Warby Parker Sunglasses / Miansai Cuff

Brock: J.Crew Tee (old) / Levi’s 511s (similar) / Birkenstock Sandals / Han Kjøbenhavn Sunglasses

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One response to “THE FREMONT DINER”

  1. Michael Avatar

    I see blue sky, some sun rays and smile on your faces.. Filling me with energy. Today, at 4:29 am CET officially started Autumn. And do you know what? I have to wear parka..we have around 9 degrees Celsius, windy and sun is hiding somewhere I dunno where :/. So, guys, I hope you’ll have better weather for as long as possible ^_^