“It’s the end of summer!” All weekend long, we kept seeing this statement flash across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook… And while it might be somewhat true (from the end of summer trips to back to school), factually speaking, there are 21 days left. Which got us thinking (proper English? definitely not)… is there one last, final summer bucket-list item you want (maybe need) to check off?

For us, it’s super simple. A quick trip up to Sonoma to visit The Fremont Diner for our first time.

Though that might be our last and final item to check off for an incredible summer, another one of those items (officially checked off, woohoo!) included a trip to Tahoe with two of our best friends. It was, hands down, one of the best three-day weekends we’ve ever experienced.

With the influx of a busier schedule, it’s been almost impossible for us to stay still and actually relax. But we finally did! On a dock, on a speedboat and in the lake. With the help of the super talented, Kendall Chase, we were able to capture just a few moments of our pure bliss in Lake Tahoe.

Remember, we have 21 days left of summer 🙂 Yummertime.

[Photo credit: Kendall Chase]



Chris: Franks Shorts (blurred in the water, but check them out on Instagram!)

Brock: Charlie by MZ Shorts / Han Kjobenhavn Sunglasses


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2 responses to “SUMMER’S END”

  1. Michael Avatar

    Finally someone said it! Yep, almost three weeks of summer still remain, so let’s have fun and enjoy them ^_^
    Cheers 😉

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