August 7, 2014

brock final 1-PRINT-2

brock final 1-PRINTIsn’t it incredible how an image can instantly transport you back in time to a specific memory and a specific feeling?

Two years ago, we spent a month trekking around Europe together, completely carefree. Hakuna Matata, you could say 😉 We took thousands of photos (yup, thousands), many of them polaroids, carrying our cameras and film around in our backpacks at all times. From shots of us on donkeys in Santorini to wild nights in Barcelona and Monte Carlo, we came out of the trip with hundreds of Kodak moments. Does anyone say “Kodak moment” anymore?

Our favorites? A pair of polaroids of us laying on the white roofs of Oia, Santorini.

Fast forward two years later, we launched Yummertime. Shortly before launch, we discovered Hello Mr. magazine, and through its Instagram, we found out about Levi Hastings, an artist located in Seattle, Washington. Instantly, we fell in love with his work — totally love at first sight.

Really though, his work is incredible, the perfect combination of humor, color and intent.

And just as immediately as we fell in love with his work, we knew we wanted to work with Levi to commission a piece, one that was based on those two polaroids of us from our time in Greece — the perfect anniversary gift to each other. Levi completely captured our vision in watercolor, set in his own style, composition, and talent.

We just received the painting yesterday and can’t wait to hang it. For now, here’s a sneak peak. You’ll definitely see more of it in the weeks and months to come 🙂

Yummertime <3 Levi Hastings

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