Ever since we moved to San Francisco two years ago (really though, it’s only been that long?), we’ve gathered up a sizable collection of “go-to’s” — from cafes and restaurants to boutiques, thrift stores, parks and alleyways fit for impromptu blog photoshoots 🙂 We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, we’ve discovered a lot of these by just walking around the city. Get out of that car and get off that bus!

It’s amazing what just a couple years can do to a city. The city changes on a daily basis. But, our love for Thorough Bread & Pastry never does — we’ve loved that little bakery for two years now, going strong. Three peas in a pod: Brock, Chris, and Thorough Bread.

There’s no line out the door like Tartine or Mission Beach Cafe, but we’re sure that adds to the allure of the place for us. A little hideaway, complete with pastries, coffee, and a backyard patio with a garden. What more could two boys need?

And the best part (or at least, as voted on by Chris)? During the holiday season, they construct an entire Christmas tree out of bread and pastries, dusted with flour for “snow.”

Grab a latte and an almond croissant. You’ll fall in love.







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3 responses to “THOROUGH BREAD”

  1. Andrea Avatar

    This post almost makes me want to get up really early and drive from San Jose to SF for breakfast!☀️

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  3. Michael Avatar

    Oooooh, that looks almost like in Pavé Milano =D. Uhm, okay, and now I am going to clean the pantry =D