August 11, 2014


Are succulents still trendy? Trendy or not, we love them. Our whole aesthetic is totally Californian — cacti and succulents, minimalist and with a mid-century flare. We’ll have to show you some pictures of our little place one day 😉

Just yesterday (Sunday), we went to Succulence up in Bernal Heights with a double mission — to put together a little pot of succulents and cacti as a gift for Brock’s sister and to grab a few cacti for our own windowsill garden.

The shop is well worth the trek up the hill (a.k.a. Cortland St.). With a backyard bursting with plants of all varieties and a little ‘studio’ in the back of the shop for potting your plants, the whole space instantly gets your creative juices flowing.

You don’t need to feel like you’re bandwagoning onto the ‘succulent’ trend in order to appreciate their practicality. We’re on the go so much, it’s difficult for us to care for plants that require a lot of effort. Better yet, a pot with cacti doesn’t need to look like it’s owned by your grandma. Grab a few (say, three) of various sizes, making sure to stay within the same shade of green — bonus points for finding a cactus that’s blooming to add a bit of minimal, yet vibrant color. And just make sure to pot them as close together as possible.

What do you think? Do you like cacti or succulents?





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