We’re quite possibly two of the most impatient individuals on this planet. Scratch that, we definitely are. Is it Friday yet? Should we buy this shirt now or wait until payday? Should we make dinner tonight or order a pizza? All pressing and crucial questions.

Patience might be a virtue, but why does impatience get a bad rap? Pfft, we wouldn’t be together had we been patient — it took us two years to meet face to face after having known each other, and it was our impatience on a random Sunday that led to us finally meeting for a slice of pizza. Who are we kidding, we split a whole pie. #loveatfirstslice

Before shooting this post, we woke up at 5:30am, went on a run, and quickly got ready for the day. Okay, so, yeah… waking up that early really sucks. And, people wake up that early (even earlier, gasp) ALL the time. So, in the scheme of things, it’s not that major. You might even be scoffing! But, for us, it’s a BIG, big, big deal — and that’s important.

We’re working towards a new philosophy, “impatience can be a virtue too.” Even if it means, getting up earlier and earlier to actually get what you want out of your day.

Soooooo… we think we’ll go shopping later today. #impatience





Chris: Lacoste Tee (old) / Levi’s 511s / Converse Shoes / Daniel Wellington Watch / Ace Hotel Hat

Brock: Bonobos Shirt / Levi’s Made & Crafted Jeans / Vans Shoes / Miansai Cuff


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2 responses to “A LITTLE IMPATIENT”

  1. Michael Avatar

    Haha, I definitely know what is the patience and impatience. Btw., we had similar situation with first meeting, it took almost two years for first meeting and another half year for a definitive crush (but..we lived 300miles away..). But..all these things and situations are so amazing and..yummy ^_^.
    And yes, waking up so early really sucks..don’t try to get to used to it =D



  2. Michael Avatar

    Well, now everyone is curious. How DID you guys meet? That would make a great blog post for everyone who is jealous of your Yummertime and wants reassurance that their Yummertime is out there, too!