our honeymoon in Greece (part one)

September 1, 2021

Travel to Mykonos with us in part one (of three) of our honeymoon in Greece vlogs. We got married on a Saturday. And then flew out for our 2 week honeymoon in Greece on Sunday.

Over the course of 22 hours, we flew from Los Angeles to Amsterdam, to Athens, and then finally to Mykonos.

The journey might have been long. But, after not traveling internationally for over a year and a half, the destination couldn’t have been any more perfect.

From the moment we stepped off the plane at the Mykonos airport, the Greek sunset greeted us with open arms. But, quite literally. The weather was hot, the sun was gleaming in our eyes, and the rush of warm air hugged us as we drove to our hotel with the windows down.

Watch the entire adventure unfold! Our verdict: Mykonos is hands down one the best places in Greece for honeymoon.

We spent 6 days in Mykonos four-wheel ATV’ing across the entire island.

On one day, we rode all the way to a local gem called, Kiki’s Tavern. We waited an hour and a half to be seated. The owner greeted every guest with a cup of wine and a mental note of where exactly they were in line. We were behind a party of three women, one in yellow, as he said out loud. The food was fresh. The view was incredible. And the entire experience was worth every minute we stayed there.

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