June 22, 2016

menswear brand to know, Nephews

To the detriment of our “Move Out of Our Studio Apartment” savings fund, we bought a $120 tee online last week. It’s hideous. It makes us look like Shrek when wearing it, metaphorically speaking. We mean, it’s not green.

But, something about the price tag (splashed across our shopping cart) warranted to us, “This is a really expensive tee; it must have the ability to sculpt our pizza bodies upon immediate wear.”

It didn’t. Pizza bodies forever.

The cost of clothing is, at best, illogical; and when it comes to basics — tees, even underwear — we’re purchasing for the sake of the brand, not the quality, even when the brand is barely visible. We better be slapped across the chest with a big YSL if we’re buying a tee of the same quality as a Hanes, just slightly better.

Rarely does the price of a basic tee match up to its quality.

Cue: Nephews.

You can quote us as saying that Nephews is our favorite new brand of 2016.

The pitch is easy: affordable quality, made in the USA, with a ‘streetwear’ basics aesthetic — meaning, they even have a razor-backed, long tank that we’d expect to see on the male equivalent of Kylie Jenner… is that Tyga… whoever that is… we really dig it. We want to be the male equivalents of Kylie Jenner.


The real gem comes with Nephews’ Round Tee, which is something we’ve yet to (really) see out there across the staples of menswear. Because of its proportions (rounding up at the sides, dipping low at the front and back), we end up looking like we have buffer, broader chests than we really do. YES YES YES. The power of deception, we’re huge fans.

Prices range from $20 for a long tank to $34 for a rough-cut sweatshirt, maxing at $98 for a pair of cropped pants.

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summer tanks and t-shirts for men




June 9, 2016

Best Father's Day gifts

meaning, we totally intend for this post to justify our receiving of a Movado watch from our cat, Thomas, as a gift for Father’s Day. He’s so sweet!

Consider the ever-present phrase for the month of June: “Dads and Grads.” Father’s Day is in a week and a half, and we’ve been cat dads for almost three years now. One could also say that we’ve recently graduated from poor spending habits to “somewhat better, still not great” spending habits, thus defining who we are as true “Dads and Grads.”

We partnered with Bloomingdale’s this month to showcase perfect gifts for the stars of the month — the two of us — Dads and Grads and anyone who deserves to be gifted.

The perfect gift? The Movado watch we’ve been fawning over for months now: the Movado BOLD Heritage Calendoplan. Leather straps, yellow gold, and sapphire crystal.



We’re running off of the idea that the watch was plucked straight out of Matt Damon’s hands in The Talented Mr. Ripley, which in and of itself brings us that much closer to physically, metaphorically touching Matt Damon (EW, says Brock; YAY, says Chris).

Quick and easy, here’s our guide for more gifts to give for the Dads and Grads in your life, straight from the hallowed halls of Bloomingdale’s. Hallowed halls, which we might add, boast the most impressive collection of Movado watches among everything else.

ALSO, as a proper aside: what are your thoughts on the shoe department at Bloomingdale’s?! i.e. WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON HEAVEN? UGH, we love going to heaven Bloomingdale’s.

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Father's Day gift guide

Gifts for Father's Day

In partnership with Bloomingdale’s



June 7, 2016

Men's tee shirts for summer

We’ll preface this with, we’re really not good with money. We’d rather be shopping. We’d rather NOT be saving. No, no. We don’t save.

Instead, we go to Super Duper downtown on Market St. for second lunch, order Super burgers with cheese, bacon and grilled onions (Chris’ fav), and decide it’s perfectly alright for us to spend the next three hours in the basement of Urban Outfitters trying on clothes.

It was Wednesday and what else were we going to do. We’re allergic to better choices and responsibility.

That, and we’re going through a phase where we’re obsessed with wearing graphic tees on a day-to-day basis. Something to do with, SUCH MYSTERY, SUCH THRILL, you never know what our tee-shirts are going to say next!


We (literally) sifted through the heaps of tees at Urban Outfitters (we’re indulged to say, here, that the graphic tee section at Urban Outfitters is akin to this cat: scary) and here are the 6 tees we immediately wore on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of last week:


We also found these online… WE NEED THEM:


Men's graphic tee shirtsUrban Outfitters tee shirts for summerUrban Outfitters tee shirts for men

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May 20, 2016

IG copy 15

We’re willing to go out on a limb here: Topman has the BEST pink t-shirt (by way of its fit on our sumptuous, burger-filled bodies, as in we’ve each consumed 4 in the past 6 days alone) and ALLSAINTS currently has our favorite floral shirt — aside from this shirt from Sandro — YESSS just keep charging our credit card, we need ALL of the shirts.




May 19, 2016

Retro 90s sneakers for mencue visions of the two of us, wearing baggy jeans, eating sour cream and onion Pringles, listening to Waterfalls, deciding whether or not to get a ‘barbed wire’ arm tattoo. Life-changing decisions.

REGARDLESS, consider this a full-sized endorsement of wearing retro, 90s inspired sneakers in 2016 because ‘nostalgia’ is very trendy to us — trendy to a lot of people too, but still, very, very, very trendy to us and that’s what matters most.

Lately, we’ve been wearing 90s-inspired Brooks Heritage sneakers. Our picks: the Beast and City Regent, from Brooks‘ Spring collection.

We swooned the moment we saw the pebbled leather and graffiti-like speckled mid-sole, on each respectively. A moment that can only be summed up as, ‘OMG, IS THAT PEBBLED LEATHER? AND IS THAT A GRAFFITI-INSPIRED SPECKLED MID-SOLE? OMG!”

We’re really into retro sneakers. Which serves as both a statement on our style as of late, as well as a perfect Tinder bio bullet-point. “I’m 5’11”, 175 lbs, and REALLY into retro sneakers.”

Of course, there is a 35% chance that we’re being annoyingly repetitive here, RE: loving retro sneakers, but, heed this personal anecdote: we styled two looks for a day in Santa Cruz, this past Sunday, running all over the Beach Boardwalk, and not once did anyone mention how we (BOTH) had trail mix in our teeth; instead, all anyone wanted to talk to us about were our sneakers.

Also, let’s pause on “trail mix on our teeth…”

Nevertheless, cool sneakers > teeth beset with nuts and M&Ms, surely. BUT, one would think good samaritans still exist.

This is all to say, we’re excited to see what Brooks Heritage is up to, as of late, re-producing ‘lifestyle’ sneakers from their 90s collections. WE NEED MORE. PLEASE. PLEASE. This is an ill-fated cry to our checking account to grow, given that we want these and these now… UGH.

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In partnership with Brooks Heritage.

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