May 20, 2016

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We’re willing to go out on a limb here: Topman has the BEST pink t-shirt (by way of its fit on our sumptuous, burger-filled bodies, as in we’ve each consumed 4 in the past 6 days alone) and ALLSAINTS currently has our favorite floral shirt — aside from this shirt from Sandro — YESSS just keep charging our credit card, we need ALL of the shirts.



May 19, 2016

Retro 90s sneakers for mencue visions of the two of us, wearing baggy jeans, eating sour cream and onion Pringles, listening to Waterfalls, deciding whether or not to get a ‘barbed wire’ arm tattoo. Life-changing decisions.

REGARDLESS, consider this a full-sized endorsement of wearing retro, 90s inspired sneakers in 2016 because ‘nostalgia’ is very trendy to us — trendy to a lot of people too, but still, very, very, very trendy to us and that’s what matters most.

Lately, we’ve been wearing 90s-inspired Brooks Heritage sneakers. Our picks: the Beast and City Regent, from Brooks‘ Spring collection.

We swooned the moment we saw the pebbled leather and graffiti-like speckled mid-sole, on each respectively. A moment that can only be summed up as, ‘OMG, IS THAT PEBBLED LEATHER? AND IS THAT A GRAFFITI-INSPIRED SPECKLED MID-SOLE? OMG!”

We’re really into retro sneakers. Which serves as both a statement on our style as of late, as well as a perfect Tinder bio bullet-point. “I’m 5’11”, 175 lbs, and REALLY into retro sneakers.”

Of course, there is a 35% chance that we’re being annoyingly repetitive here, RE: loving retro sneakers, but, heed this personal anecdote: we styled two looks for a day in Santa Cruz, this past Sunday, running all over the Beach Boardwalk, and not once did anyone mention how we (BOTH) had trail mix in our teeth; instead, all anyone wanted to talk to us about were our sneakers.

Also, let’s pause on “trail mix on our teeth…”

Nevertheless, cool sneakers > teeth beset with nuts and M&Ms, surely. BUT, one would think good samaritans still exist.

This is all to say, we’re excited to see what Brooks Heritage is up to, as of late, re-producing ‘lifestyle’ sneakers from their 90s collections. WE NEED MORE. PLEASE. PLEASE. This is an ill-fated cry to our checking account to grow, given that we want these and these now… UGH.

<3 B+C

BROOKS_02Men's Brooks Heritage Sneakers90s inspired men's sneakers90s inspired Brooks Heritage SneakersBROOKS_06Brooks Heritage Beast Sneakers90s sneakers for menVintage men's sneakers

In partnership with Brooks Heritage.



May 18, 2016

Chris Lin and Brock Williams of Yummertime wearing overalls

First things first—leave your pessimism at the door, we will not place any credence in your “ew, overalls” sentiments. Your hate for overalls is not welcome here. YOU CAN’T SIT WITH US. That is, you can’t sit with us if you’re going to be mean to our overalls. THAT’S RIGHT. YOU CAN’T SIT WITH US IF YOU DON’T LIKE OUR OVERALLS.

Secondly—YAY, overalls!

In an attempt to sound like we know anything about anything, the recent resurgence of overalls in menswear comes with a resurgence of nostalgia for the 90s à la fast-fashion retailers and a resurgence of the realization that you can eat ALL THAT YOU WANT, feel bloated, and still look fine in them. The latter statement being the most important.


To test this claim, RE: eating our weight in foodz and seeing how we look in overalls, we wore overalls while eating Thai food and playing a game of Power Hour. AND IT WORKED.

But, that’s besides the main point we’re attempting to make. Point being:

OVERALLS ARE REALLY COOL, don’t tell us otherwise. PLEASE. Even if you think we look like Rugrats characters. We love looking like Rugrats characters.

<3 B+C




May 9, 2016

Men's track pants

because, souvenir jackets and eccentric athleisure are “trendy,” right?

Just like Cyndi once said, girls just want to have fun, and we, being the gurls that we are, oblige when it comes to fashunz.

As in, here’s an important question: who wouldn’t want to wear a satin bomber jacket with pink sleeves?! RIGHT. And who wouldn’t want to wear vividly green Adidas track pants?! EXACTLY.


If there’s any one statement we can issue on our style at the moment, it’s that we’re going through a ‘retro’ period, wherein we pull from every decade prior to the 1990s. But, like… so is everyone else. Consider the 2010s the decade of cultural, decade-specific appropriation. We’re not original? DANGIT.

Regardless, we’re still not into grunge, sorry.

Souvenir jackets? 1950s. Hypebeast knows.

Colored Adidas track pants? 1970s.


NEVERTHELESS, even if souvenir jackets and track pants are quote-un-quote trendy right now, we’re going to go ahead and say that we started it all. WE ARE THE TRENDSETTERS. WE STARTED IT ALL. Yes. Yes. YASSSSSS qweenz.

You heard it from us first.

This is all to sarcastically say, sometimes it’s really nice to ride a trend like the sad ‘county fair’ pony that it is. Ugh. Sad ‘county fair’ ponies 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

<3 B+C

Men's Satin Bomber JacketMen's Satin Souvenir JacketSummer Sunglasses for MenMen's Athleisure StyleMen's Lacoste SneakersMen's Adidas Track PantsVintage Inspired Men's Satin Bomber Jacket

Chris: Tee Topman / Pants Adidas / Sneakers Adidas / Sunglasses Topman

Brock: Jacket ASOS / Tee Topman / Jeans Club Monaco /Sneakers Lacoste / Socks Topman / Sunglasses Topman



May 4, 2016


otherwise known as the sequel to the highly popular, record-breaking post, HOW TO: TAKE A PICTURE IN FRONT OF A PINK WALL

  1. Find said pink wall.
  2. Look to your right.
  3. Notice twelve girls taking selfies in front of said wall.
  4. Look to your left.
  5. Notice thirteen girls taking selfies in front of said wall.
  6. Allow your jaw to drop.
  7. Consider awkwardly yelling, “OMG (note: it’s important to literally spell out O-M-G), everyone, we’re all taking photos in front of this wall, how funny, right?! Like what are the odds?! OMG, OMG, OMG”
  8. Consider also awkwardly yelling, “OMG, I love your selfie-duck-face, so good. OMG, YES, turn that elbow out, SO GOOD. YES, YES, YES.”
  9. Decide not to.
  10. Decide it’s for the best.
  11. No, yeah, let’s not make a fool of ourselves.
  12. It’s for the best.
  13. Move on.
  14. Let’s do this.
  15. Let’s take a photo.
  16. Pucker lips.
  17. Make said duck face.
  18. Turn left elbow out.
  19. Turn right elbow out.
  20. Turn both elbows out.
  21. Jump on the closest person’s back.
  22. Yell, “Weeeeeeeeeee. This is so fun!”
  23. Yell, “TAKE A PHOTO OF ME!” multiple times until you finally feel like you’ve been heard and respected.
  24. Move your arms around.
  25. Flail them around.
  26. Yell, “Just take the photo. This will look like my arms are moving naturally! Almost like you caught a moment!”
  27. Laugh at yourself.
  28. Laugh at how much fun you’re having.
  30. And there’s your picture in front of a pink wall.


Also, it’s important to note that we’ve been wearing a lot of ringer tees lately. And espadrilles. And pastels. Always. Always pastels.

Here are our top picks for ringer tees!


AND here are our top picks for pastel pants 🙂


<3 B+C


Chris: Tee Gap (old – similar) / Pants Club Monaco / Espadrilles Soludos (similar) / Sunglasses Topman

Brock: Tee Topman / Jeans Levis / Sneakers Converse / Sunglasses Topman





April 27, 2016

Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills

wherein we dance with beside cast members from Vanderpump Rules, order lobster for practically every meal and meet so many French men and women that we begin greeting every Uber driver with “Bonjour ALLUMER L’AIR CONDITIONNÉ!” — which, you know, means, “hello, TURN ON THE AIR CONDITIONING!”

We’re soooooo sophisticated.

We spent 72 hours at Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills. So, here are 72 reasons why we love the hotel…

HAHAHAHAHAHA. JUST KIDDING, that’s crazy, 72 reasons, WE’RE CRAZY!

Here are 7:

1. OMG, there’s Melrose! Sofitel’s literally two blocks away from Melrose, and practically five blocks away from ‘that famous pink wall,’ which means: SHOPPING AND PHOTOS. Our life was complete for those three days.

2. Ummmm, did we see this restaurant on Real Housewives?! The hotel garden restaurant, Estérel, is fit for a housewife, meaning, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills filmed in their garden and we were left wondering why we were left out of the production. WHY. WHYYYYY.

3. AHHHHH, IS THAT THE HOLLYWOOD SIGN?! meaning, we had a penthouse balcony that overlooked the Hollywood Hills. Watch out, world, WE’VE FINALLY MADE IT.

4. OMG, Becky, look at their butts, they’re SoFit, meaning, the SoFit gym was everything. Everything. Quite possibly the best hotel gym we’ve ever been to. High ceilings, hi-tech equipment and every ‘crunchy-crunch ab’ ball you could imagine. We don’t know what those balls are called, so, that’s what we’re going with. Crunchy-crunch ab balls.

5. We danced for five hours straight at La Nuit. OMG, we were so sweaty. Sofitel had Phases and Samantha Ronson perform, one after the other, leaving us to squeal together because we were so happy. Ronson even mixed in some Destiny’s Child and we were all like this. This. And this.

6. We were able to achieve one of our life’s greatest missions: tanning our pale bodies, c/o a super secluded pool, steps away form the hotel’s main building. Honestly, such a welcome respite from the craze that is LA, in general.

7. AND LASTLY, we ate lobster for practically every meal. V important, meaning we were so shellfish, we ate it all to ourselves. HAHAH. Get it?! Lobster for dinner, lobster benedict for brunch! LOBSTER! And might we add, never overcooked, which is way too easy to do…

Consider this our plea to Sofitel to allow us to move to LA and into the penthouse again.

<3 B+C

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