October 22, 2016

Men's turtleneck sweaters

What was once so passé, is now so cool.

Enter: the turtleneck sweater. The easiest way to look as luxe as a chesterfield couch — which, to be honest, we’d like for someone to buy for us; a chesterfield couch, that is. That and a dozen diamond rings.

But, back to our turtleneck sweater ‘shoddy to luxe’ shortcut!


We snagged these two Italian merino wool turtleneck sweaters from Banana Republic last Tuesday, paired them with a pair of black jeans and selvedge denim (to dress up “just wearing jeans”), and ran off to a dinner event we had slated for that night. Thanks be to one of our sacred temples, Banana Republic; someone said we were respectable, polished gentleman that night, and we’re certain it didn’t have anything to do with our personalities — just the turtleneck sweaters.

When it comes to dressing ourselves, we’re still learning. And when it comes to dressing ‘up’ a look, we’re still in elementary school (well… Chris is in pre-school; Brock is a little more advanced than that). Thus comes the significance of the turtleneck sweater.

Oh, turtleneck sweaters.
Ohhhhhh, turtleneck sweaters!

The 411: pair said turtleneck sweater with a pair of solid wash jeans for an amped up casual look. Our preference for turtlenecks being the ones from Banana Republic, all because of the quality and price. 100% Italian merino wool for $89.50.

Shop our exact looks here:


<3 B+C

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In partnership with Banana Republic



October 13, 2016

Men's Gucci Sneakers

If we had a resume together, shopping would be our #1 skill. Our #2 skill goes to consuming six orders of cheeseburgers and queso tots in the past 48 hours, but that’s beside the point.


This week marks a defining moment in our lives when we decided to fully forego financial responsibility, á la our attempt to be the modern day male equivalents of Carrie Bradshaw, and
bought pieces of art (read: the most beautiful sneakers we’ve ever seen… excuse us, we’re going to cry). One pair of sneakers, from Gucci (for Chris!). The other, from Aquatalia (for Brock!). Shown here, in different color options:


Never mind our obsession (like the rest of the world’s) with Alessandro Michele’s endeavors at Gucci as of late, we’re just being wise investors. Oh, and we also got this pair (for Brock). Oopsie poopsie. We’re merely investing as one would do with real estate; our assets just go on our feet. And are perfectly embroidered with florals and flames. Yes.

Here’s our take on ‘insider trading,’ then: these sneakers are prime for investing in 😉


Need more. Want more. UGH.

<3 B+C



October 8, 2016

Neiman Marcus SalePlease consider us your guardian angels.

We combed through the HUGE Neiman Marcus denim department to provide you with one indispensable list of every jean worth buying during the Neiman Marcus Denim Event*.

You’re welcome 😛

Here’s the 411 on denim we like: we typically gravitate towards jeans with lighter washes, whether distressed or solid. But, when we do adventure out for a dark rinse, we go for a dark indigo shade (bonus point for raw selvedge) or solid black, never distressed, but maybe ripped.

Never distressed, meaning, wearing distressed dark denim is akin to eating vegetables on a daily basis for us — we just say no, we can’t really explain why, JUST GIVE US A CHEESEBURGER.

Given that Neiman Marcus’ jeans department plays host to some of our favorite denim staples (read; practically every pair of jeans from Rag & Bone… we need MORE), we figured it was a perfect occasion to celebrate one of the world’s greatest gifts to the human race — SALES!

Here are the 15 pairs of jeans we love:


And on the note of shopping for jeans, we also perused the Suede and Shearling Outerwear section, as one does at 2am on a Thursday morning after already spending two hours shopping online, and figured we’d share the following too.

Suede, suede, suede! And shearling, yes:


*The Neiman Marcus Denim Event runs until tomorrow, 10/9. Buy 1 pair of jeans, get $25 off. Buy 2 pairs, get $75 off. But 3 or more, get $125.

<3 B+C

Men's Rag and Bone teeBest Denim for MenRag and Bone Men'sMen's Fall Fashion

Chris: Rag & Bone Tee / Rag & Bone Jeans / Brunello Cucinelli Sneakers / Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Brock: ATM Tank / Rag & Bone Jeans / Adidas Sneakers

In partnership with Neiman Marcus.



October 6, 2016

Yummertime Instagram featuring Tommy Jeans Sweatshirt and Vans Old Skool Sneakers

(shop directly from what we’re wearing via the widgets below)


Somewhere in-between wanting to look like 1) sk8er bois from an Avril Lavigne music video and 2) an incessant couple who matches their clothes on the daily (WHO? US?!), this is the State of the Union, á la our style, as prescribed by our addiction to charging our credit cards for a new wardrobe every week.

We’ve heard it said, your style should be a reflection of who you are at that moment; how you’re feeling.

OF COURSE! That totally makes sense! Like, DUH!

The photo above, then, seems to say, “Don’t fuck with us, our stomachs are hurting because we’ve been eating beautiful, delicious junk food all week and we DO NOT want to eat salads tonight because we desperately need fiber” (true to life), where the photo below says, “We’re whispering secrets to each other about our archenemies (anyone who hates cats) and laughing, HAHAHAHAH, OMG, so funny!”

STYLE NOTATION #1: socks worn with Vans Old Skool sneakers.

STYLE NOTATION #2: non-fancy, less expensive satin bombers (as opposed to this Gucci one or this Public School one… UGH WE NEED BOTH) that realistically go with whatever you’re wearing, every day.


Yummertime Instagram Looks featuring Satin Bombers from Topman at Nordstrom

<3 B+C



September 30, 2016

Best body lotion, Lubriderm Daily Moisture

Inspired by Lubriderm’s ‘Battle of the Medicine Cabinet’ campaign.

Five years, two months, and we’re debating over who gets to use the Super Bounce serum today. “ME. IT’S MINE. I GET TO USE IT TODAY. BACK OFF, BROCK.”

If 71% of American couples argue over bathroom space, consider us the top 1%. NO. The top 0.5%. That’s us.

True life: we hoard bathroom products. Continue Reading

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