December 5, 2016

Tis the season for parkas and turtlenecks and slip ons. Featuring Abercrombie & Fitch.

‘Tis the season for covering our bodies with excessive layers of clothing.

In the interest of talking about something incredibly riveting, let’s talk about San Francisco’s weather right now. It’s cold. It’s gloomy. IT’S CLOOMY.


Dare we say, we’re no longer wearing our unofficial uniform. Instead, we’ve been wearing more turtlenecks, like this one from Abercrombie (on Brock), and parkas, like this one (also) from Abercrombie (on Chris).


As a side note, we’re really digging Abercrombie’s recent move into modern casual wear (a.k.a. direct competition with the likes of Club Monaco and J.Crew), but we digress…

Full outfit details for Brock include: Abercrombie & Fitch turtleneck, Levi’s 501 CTs, and SeaVees Huntington Middies (which deserve their own set of praise — our favorite pair of suede, mid-cut slip-ons right now).

Full outfit details for Chris: Abercrombie & Fitch parka, ts(s) turtleneck from Unionmade Goods, Levi’s 501 CTs, and GREATS Wooster slip-ons.

Tis the season for parkas and turtlenecks and slip-ons!

<3 B+C

Brock, wearing Abercrombie turtleneck, Levi's jeans and SeaVees slip-ons

Levi's 501 CTs and SeaVees Huntington Middie Slip-Ons

Chris, wearing a ts(s) turtleneck from Unionmade and an Abercrombie & Fitch parka.



November 23, 2016

Cyber Weekend gifts for men, MR PORTER

a.k.a. also our ‘excuse’ of a blog post to support our irresponsible decision to raid MR PORTER’s 30% OFF SALE and Holiday Gift Guide for ourselves.

We’re only looking out for our fellow boys out there — forget the pack of Hanes socks and give a gift that doesn’t suck (we think). Consider this our “What To Buy on MR PORTER” manifesto, just in time for Cyber Monday. May the odds be ever in your favor.

(it’s also VERY important to note that when MR PORTER has a sale, YOU JUMP ON IT)

Here’s our quick and easy guide on what to buy for all of the different types of guys in your life:

for the ‘OMG, YOU’RE SO SMART’ guy (the techie)
Personal idols include Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and the guys who created Instagram, whatever their names are. Loves B&O headphones, Leica cameras, and talking about Uber.


for the ‘OMG, YOU’RE SO PRETTY’ guy (the grooming guru)
Hobbies include using sheet masks on the daily, accruing Beauty Insider points at Sephora, and talking about how he only washes his hair once a week. BONUS: smells like a bed of roses with the tiniest scent of musk — scrumptious!


for the ‘OMG, YOU’RE SO SPORTY’ guy (the athleisure obsessee)
Wears joggers more often than jeans, has a definite opinion on Kaepernick as a quarterback, and treats his Equinox membership as a religion. BONUS: his entire closet consists of Nike apparel.


for the ‘OMG, YOU’RE SO ARTSY’ guy (the creative)
Takes a perfect Instagram photo EVERY SINGLE TIME — HOW DOES HE DO IT?! — reads The New Yorker, and draws the best doodles on Snapchat when under the influence. NOTE: significant overlap with the “OMG, YOU’RE SO SMART” guy.


for the ‘OMG, YOU’RE SO HARD TO SHOP FOR’ guy (a.k.a. the guy who already has everything)
How to spot? Always has the newest iPhone. Also probably owns or talks about owning a Tesla one day.


For every other guy that we left out, sucks for them. JUST KIDDING! We’re just too tired right now and can’t fathom writing much more, so here’s a better option… buy them something on sale! HURRAY! WE LOVE SALES!

Our fave picks from MR PORTER’S 30% OFF SALE include these Bottega Veneta Chelsea boots, this Issa silicone toothbrush — a toothbrush! — and more:


Happy Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Cyber Week! LET’S GO SHOPPING.

<3 B+C



November 1, 2016

Scotch & Soda men's

We might not love whiskey, but we do love Scotch. GET IT?!

In the wake of what will go down as “2016, the year we TOOK A CHANCE and started wearing socks again,” our lives have been forever tinged with the prospect of living life on the edge.

This is to say, we’ve been in the mood to take even greater risks. Enter: Scotch & Soda’s green and blue tartan gentleman’s coat. We saw, and thought to ourselves, do we dare?

Spoiler alert: we dared. Thoughts?

In a sea of brands that appear to churn the same black, blue and grey tones for Fall and Winter every single year, Scotch & Soda’s F/W 2016 collection is as refreshing to us as Smart Water is to Jennifer Aniston (meaning: it’s really refreshing). Just look at the colors and textures in the collection. There’s this walnut colored wool parka. And this patterned, wool-blend Nordic mountaineer’s jacket. And this Himalayan Caban jacket.

And those are only the jackets. GASP.


It’s a collection like this that gives us hope, reminding us that we live in a world where we have the choice, the god-given-right to wear color even when the seasons change. We also have the choice to never cook, and always have pizza or cheeseburgers delivered to our apartment for dinner. We choose it all.

Speaking to the highlights of the collection, here are our personal faves, including these Chinoiserie embroidered jeans and this red oversized flannel shirt:


To quote what must be a cliché to the heads of marketing at Scotch & Soda, “we’ll take another round of Scotch & Soda please.” GET IT?! We think we’re so funny.EVERYTHING TO BUY FROM SCOTCH AND SODA RIGHT NOWP.S. We hosted an event at the Scotch & Soda on Grant St. in San Francisco just two weeks ago. Thank you to everyone who came by to say hi and shop with us!! And a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who works at the Grant St. location. We love you all 🙂

<3 B+C

Men's Scotch and Soda sweatshirt Men's fall coats by Scotch & Soda

In partnership with Scotch & Soda.



October 27, 2016

Best masks and sheet masks from Neiman Marcus

Because if we didn’t mask on a consistent basis, our faces would fall off.

We’re huge advocates of shortcuts (read: lazy), so here’s our quick and easy cheat sheet on 5 tried and true masks currently in our bathroom, starting with sheet masks and then progressing to more specific treatments.


Five masks, five purposes (just make sure to mask after cleansing/ exfoliating).

Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery Powerfoil Mask by Estee Lauder
The 411: quick fix for skin-fatigue, dryness. Perfect for travel.

Lauded as Victoria Beckham’s favorite mask when traveling, the Powerfoil Mask packs in a double dose of Hyaluronic Acid, meaning it’s REALLY good for instant firming and hydrating. Think: quick fix for intensely dry skin right after 6 hours of being on an airplane.

Facial Treatment Mask by SK-II
The 411: long-lasting moisture retention; consistent use is key.

This one’s a cult-favorite, specifically as a solution for rough, dry skin. Where the Powerfoil Mask provides an instant fix, the Facial Treatment Mask by SK-II uses pieta to increase your skin’s moisture retention and works better with consistent use. Think: long-lasting moisturizing, pliable skin.

Cilantro & Orange Extract Pollutant Defending Mask by Kiehl’s
The 411: evens skin-tone, balances out rough skin and dark spots caused by pollution (i.e. a long day spent outside in Manhattan).

Cilantro is supposed to clarify, and orange extract, exfoliation. We don’t use this one too often; only when our skin feels worn-out from a long day at Dolores Park.

Pro tip: we use as a last step in our night’s skincare routine — not during the day — to give our skin enough time to balance and even out before going back into said polluted world.

Tumeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque by Kiehl’s
The 411: brightens skin tone, leaves our skin with a rosy complexion.

Just like the Cilantro & Orange mask, we don’t use this one too often either; only when we’ve noticed that our face looks a little dull/ pale. Instant fix, as opposed to long-lasting effects (in our opinion).

Supermud Clearing Treatment by Glamglow
The 411: for serious unclogging of pores.

Ideal for the places on our face where we get the most clogged pores: our noses, right in between our eyebrows and right by our temples. We seldom use as a full face mask, better (to us) as a more precise application — i.e. spot treatment.

Pro alternative (and half the price): Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque by Kiehl’s.

And that’s a wrap! We’ll report back with another blog post after we try a few more masks 😉 specifically, Tom Ford’s Intensive Purifying Mud Mask and Fresh’s Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy-Boosting Face Mask.

AND as soon as we become as rich as the Kardashians: La Mer’s Lifting & Firming Mask + Givenchy’s Le Soin Noir Lace Face Mask.


<3 B+C

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