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July 27, 2016

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

We shop, therefore, we are livinggggg.

We’re of the mindset that believes it’s perfectly okay to hoard graphic tees, jeans, shoes, shirts, shorts, ALL CLOTHING. Double your clothes, double your happiness. Triple your clothes, triple your happiness. It’s math.

We’ll keep this brief. As we mentioned in Monday’s postNordstrom‘s having their huge Anniversary Sale right now (ends August 8th), and everything we’re wearing in this Instagram is on super-sale. SUPER. SALE. God bless America.

Here’s what we’re wearing:


<3 B+C



July 25, 2016

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

…because we have a serious spending problem and now the Nordstrom sales associates know our names by heart. Hi, Dorinda, if you’re reading this!

We’ve shopped almost exclusively at Nordstrom this Summer solely because of the brands they’re currently carrying — we’d like to send a round of extra large pizza from Round Table (the ultimate prize) to their Men’s buyers, THEY’VE DONE SUCH A GREAT JOB.

The brands: Saturdays NYC, Levi’s Vintage, Topman, Adidas, A.P.C., and PS Paul Smith, just to name a few.

Nevertheless, since Nordstrom is having their Anniversary Sale right now (cue: little girl screams from the both of us), we decided it was relevant and necessary to discuss EVERYTHING — actually just 25 items, not too many right? — that we’ve bought from Nordstrom this month AND/OR have in our shopping cart right now (some on super-sale) because we’re humanitarians, and this information goes to the greater good.

Our working title: The 25 Things We Bought and/or Need to Buy From Nordstrom. Here goes.

First things first, tees and shirts. We cycle through graphic tees as fast as Brock cycles through liters of Diet Coke. That said, $30 for a Locals Only Maui tee from Topman seemed MORE than appropriate. Here are the five tees and shirts we bought:


Secondly, shorts, shorts, and jeans. As obsessed as we’ve been with destroyed jeans in the past, we’re currently fielding a newfound addiction to destroyed and/or ripped shorts — groundbreaking… Here are the five shorts and jeans we bought, including color-blocked swim shorts from Saturdays NYC, YES, YES, YESSSSS.


Next up, shoesas if we’ve leave out shoes, COME ON — we only bought three pairs this month. BLASPHEMY, we know, we knowwwwwwuhhh. But, we’re saving up for… nothing. We don’t have any excuses. Regardless, here are the three pairs of shoes we bought AND two pairs of shoes we need:


Lastly, here’s everything from Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale that we currently have in our cart, because… free shipping and returns, right? RIGHT.


Also, FYI, the Anniversary Sale ends August 8th, 2016, which means we still have two weeks of pure happiness predicated on shopping and spending all of our money. Hurray!

<3 B+C

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Men'sNordstrom Men's SaleMen's Nordstrom SaleShop Nordstrom MenMen's SaleChris: Tee Topman / Shorts Saturdays NYC / Shoes Converse

Brock: Shirt Topman / Shorts Topman / Sandals Adidas / Cuff Miansai / Sunglasses Dior

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July 7, 2016

Men's Graphic Tees

We’re still feeling nostalgic for a decade that wasn’t that long ago.

Consider the following: jean cutoffs that sit right at the knee, a band tee (that’s of no consequence to what one actually listens to, à la Spice Girls instead of Guns N’ Roses), and a pair of red Vans.


Consider also: a yellow tee with a yin-yang symbol that looks like a toy out of a quarter machine, a pair of glossy teal shorts that sit right at the knee, and a pair of blue Vans.


The important thing to note: shorts that sit right at the knee (a.k.a. inseam 7″).

This isn’t to say that we’re completely done with displaying our crotches à la shorts with a 2-inch inseam, BUT, there’s an air of confidence that comes with “the 90s guy,” barbed wire arm tattoo or not. We’ve also been listening to this song NON-STOP, so that might be influencing our decision to be 90s-forward.

This has been a very provocative post, surely 😛


<3 B+C

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June 30, 2016

South Beach Miami Hotels

A hotel that’s bound to be the next millennial haven of South Beach, because… because WE SAY SO.

Dear Diary,

We’re seriously considering moving to Miami. Dare we say, we’re ready to don speedos 24/7 and become so jacked the veins in our arms have their own names, Zac and Efron. Funny, right?!

Ew. Ew ew ew ew ewwwww. We never want to be that buff.

For four nights, we stayed at the Washington Park Hotel in South Beach. Right HERE.

And all while the hotel is still in a ‘soft launch’ period until this Fall — meaning, they unfortunately didn’t have robes (yet) for us to take selfies in… ugh, we need to start traveling with our own robes… we actually should start wearing robes all day, every day, calling it “fashunz…” — the entire hotel is pretty incredible, jaw-dropping beautiful, even.

The setting: a cluster of Art Deco buildings lit up in neon, surrounding a central pool with pastel lawn chairs and tables. THE DREAM.

The crowd: young, 20-somethings, traveling from all over the world. THE DREAM.

The location: two blocks away from the 11th Street Beach. THE DREAM.

The entire property of WPH poised to host one wild pool party, with a green-lawned courtyard filled with hammocks, an acrylic ping-pong table and tons of speedos by the pool, thus proving our point: a hotel that’s bound to become the next millennial haven (a ‘hipster’ haven, if we will).

BUT, back to our impending semi-permanent departure from San Francisco to Miami — we’re serious. Could we handle six months in Miami?

<3 B+C

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June 22, 2016

menswear brand to know, Nephews

To the detriment of our “Move Out of Our Studio Apartment” savings fund, we bought a $120 tee online last week. It’s hideous. It makes us look like Shrek when wearing it, metaphorically speaking. We mean, it’s not green.

But, something about the price tag (splashed across our shopping cart) warranted to us, “This is a really expensive tee; it must have the ability to sculpt our pizza bodies upon immediate wear.”

It didn’t. Pizza bodies forever.

The cost of clothing is, at best, illogical; and when it comes to basics — tees, even underwear — we’re purchasing for the sake of the brand, not the quality, even when the brand is barely visible. We better be slapped across the chest with a big YSL if we’re buying a tee of the same quality as a Hanes, just slightly better.

Rarely does the price of a basic tee match up to its quality.

Cue: Nephews.

You can quote us as saying that Nephews is our favorite new brand of 2016.

The pitch is easy: affordable quality, made in the USA, with a ‘streetwear’ basics aesthetic — meaning, they even have a razor-backed, long tank that we’d expect to see on the male equivalent of Kylie Jenner… is that Tyga… whoever that is… we really dig it. We want to be the male equivalents of Kylie Jenner.


The real gem comes with Nephews’ Round Tee, which is something we’ve yet to (really) see out there across the staples of menswear. Because of its proportions (rounding up at the sides, dipping low at the front and back), we end up looking like we have buffer, broader chests than we really do. YES YES YES. The power of deception, we’re huge fans.

Prices range from $20 for a long tank to $34 for a rough-cut sweatshirt, maxing at $98 for a pair of cropped pants.

<3 B+C

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