Let’s Talk About Our Wedding, A Series — Part One — “Purchases And Decisions”

September 20, 2018
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Let’s talk about our wedding for a second. 

And by ‘second,’ we mean, the time with which it took Brock to buy a pair of velvet loafers, decide they would be perfect for the ‘big day,’ receive them in the mail, see that they were damaged and return them, simultaneously realizing that he might have rushed deciding his wedding shoes without even knowing what our tuxes are going to look like… or even where we’re getting married…

Thank you, PayPal Purchase Protection!

The fact of the matter is, we still don’t have a set date — we’re still looking into venues. But, decisions and the stress that come with each have already started to stack on, and it’s been undeniable our indecisiveness throughout it all. 

A few things we do know:
– Our wedding will be black tie, formal.
– Our wedding will be in the Fall of 2019.
– Our wedding will be officiated by one of our closest friends, mentors and confidantes (we’ve already asked him and he said yes ☺️☺️)

Other than that, we’re at a loss for decisions of all kinds. From the flowers to the catering to the tuxes and the venue, we’re on the search. See: photo evidence below ??.

What’s for certain, though, is the necessity to have our indecisiveness protected through and through, whether we make a purchase or not. Enter: our decision to make every eligible online wedding purchase we can through PayPal.

It’s the peace of mind that comes with Purchase Protection for online purchases, taking the stress out of every wedding purchase, both big and small. 

Some worries of ours (a poem):
– What happens if the flowers we order come completely wilted and wrong?
– What happens if the invitations we order come bent and torn apart, too short or too long?!
– What happens if we receive someone else’s save the dates?
– What happens if our catering shows up in damaged crates?!

And all while we can’t control the outcome of any of those, should anything go wrong, PayPal has our back so we can worry about everything else on our plate… like seating charts. 

Which brings us to our next wedding update… 
which is…
that we don’t really have any updates yet ??

We’re on the search for a venue, from Palm Springs and Yucca Valley to even back up in the Bay Area. We even considered having it at The Integratron! No matter where it is, one thing’s for certain, it’ll be in California. 

At least, that’s been decided ?☺️?

<3 B+C

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