How To Do A Music Festival In San Francisco: An Extremely Helpful Guide


Our level of stress is at an all-time high. Looking back at the last 3 weeks alone, our life has been a series of trips to and from airports, back to our apartment, and off again to an event every night. 

And we’re not even sure where this hyperdrive moment even came from — we feel fortunate, sure, we’re even heading to NYC in a matter of 3 hours… but we’re exhausted and stressed and even more exhausted. Not to mention, we’ve neglected our best friend, couch, for FAR too long…

Stress aside, we went to a music festival in Golden Gate Park over the weekend (you probably know the one ??). And so, yes… it’s true —we CAN have fun!

What’s even more astonishing (other than the fact that we’re using the word ‘astonishing’) is the concept and proof that we could get to-and-from the festival in a matter of 20 minutes, each way from our apartment (exactly how long it SHOULD take). 

In a herd of festival zombies, our efficiency in using Uber was at an all-time personal record. 

Cut to: your applause. 

Thank you. Thank you. 

Between using Uber’s Pickup Messages (easy, road-safe messaging) and Spotlight features (lighting up our phone at night with a specific color — photo below), getting picked up each time was as easy as eating the 6 fried chicken sandwiches we had throughout the weekend — and that was very, very, very, excessively easy. 

More on our festival experience: we ate our weight in chicken sandwiches (as mentioned), pizza, and grilled cheese sandwiches (THE GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICHES); started each day at 2pm, ending at 10pm; and had multiple moments of downtime, laughing and laying on the grass with so many friends we hadn’t seen in months.

Over the course of three days, we can honestly say we had the best weekend festival experience ever. And since we’re such great friends on here, BEST FRIENDS in fact, we’d love to impart some wisdom for a truly incredible experience at a music festival in San Francisco 😉

  • Life is better in layers. 
    • Where one moment we were both in tank tops, sunbathing on the grass in-between sets with 70 degree weather, in the next moment we were bundled up, embraced by the calm, misty San Francisco fog. Pack layers 😉
  • Life is better stress-free. 
    • Utilize Pickup Messages and Spotlight to make it easier, coordinating with your driver. Through the entire weekend, Spotlight was genuinely the most popular and beloved feature for every single Uber Driver we encountered. One drive even thanked us profusely for using it.
    • Shining that light up into the sky (one night we were green, the next night we were yellow), became an instant source of feeling secure together, knowing our driver would see EXACTLY where we were in the darkness of the night. 
  • Life is better fried. 
    • Just get the fried chicken sandwiches. Just do it. And for vegans, they also had fried tofu sandwiches 😉 Just do yourself a favor… get something fried. 

Cheers to the best weekend ever 🙂

<3 B+C

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