Summer Suiting, Two Ways

Best suits for summer weddings, Bonobos

Oh, wedding season.

Nevermind the fact that we’re planning our own wedding over the next year and a half (commence: GROOMZILLAS, SEASON 1)…

…in just two months, we’ll have gone to more weddings than we’ve ever been to together in the 6 year span of our relationship. 

And by that, we mean, we’ll have gone to two (2) weddings in two (2) months. Which is, by number, greater than the one wedding we’ve been to before. That’s called math: 2 > 1. And since we’re experts in suiting now, we’ll attempt to provide the best summer suiting tips for men in 2018.

So here it is, a first in a series of posts surrounding what to wear to a wedding, from the perspective of two man-boys who like to stand out in a crowd. 

We’re huge fans of Bonobos’ lightweight suiting, especially the Foundation Chambray (on Brock in Textured Sand; on Chris in Blue). And in support of Bonobos’ first collaboration with TOMS, we paired the two suits with the Orange and Lavender Lomas, respectively. 

When it comes to using color in ‘less-formal’ suiting, we always strike one of two chords. No in-betweens, queens. Either we maximize our efforts (go big or go home), wearing an entirely vibrant and/or colorfully patterned suit with a plainer shirt and shoes combination (i.e. white shirt, white shoes). Or we focus on the subtleties, adding a pop of color in either the shirting or the shoes. 

And so, for this post in particular, we went for the subtle pops of color. 

On Chris, we paired a vibrant Pelican printed Amalfi Short Sleeve Shirt with the Foundation Chambray suit in blue and the Lomas Bonobos x TOMS shoes in lavender. The printed shirt, here, being the subtle reference to vibrant color.

On Brock, we paired a plain White Riviera Short Sleeve Shirt with the Foundation Chambray suit in textured sand and the Lomas Bonobos x TOMS shoes in Orange County. The orange suede shoes, here, being the pop of color. 

What do you think?!

<3 B+C

A note on the Bonobos x TOMS collaboration: each shoe was designed with Bonobos’ signature Riviera Short-Sleeve Shirts in mind, drawing on the vibrant colors of the collection. Two styles are available, the Alpargata (in Chambray and Canvas) and the Lomas (in Suede). 

Best lightweight suits, BonobosSummer suiting, two waysWhat to wear to a summer weddingWhat should men wear to a summer wedding?THE BEST SUMMER SUITING TIPS FOR MEN IN 2018, Bonobos x Toms

In partnership with Bonobos, in support of their first collaboration with TOMS. 








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