NYFW In A New York Minute

Yummertime Uber

Also sub-titled, SHOCKER, we were actually on-time to every show this year for NYFW A/W 2018.

In partnership with our friends at Uber.

Aside from deserving a gold medal for being on time to every event, show, and presentation at NYFW this year — which, mind you, has NEVER happened for us until now — we’d also like to mention that this year’s NYFW was a success for us in another way. We finally didn’t take it so seriously 🙂

Who knew fashion could be fun AND not just business?! JUST KIDDING, of course we knew it could be fun…!

The thing is, though, we’ve always been stressed with fashion week — stressed with making a show on time, stressed in driving from midtown to downtown in the flash of a New York Minute, stressed with making small talk 5,000 times a day. We’re just two small fish, out of water, hoping to make an impact on an industry that’s influenced our lives in such a huge way.

Stressed or not, this year was different, though. We changed it up and flipped our experience completely on its head.

And the truth is, we got a little help from Uber. From scheduling rides, timing our travel to and from each show, to using our Uber business profile (separate from our personal profiles) to simplify the way we handle travel expenses for the entire work trip.

Fact is, whenever we travel, we use uberX and our Uber business profile from the time we head to the airport until the the time we head home, back to San Francisco.

Even more so, through the Uber Business Profile, we can link directly to our expense provider, utilize our work credit card / account, and set-up daily, weekly, or even monthly travel reports that breakdown all Uber trips. Efficiency and reliability, mastered — something that doesn’t come naturally to us, but THANK THE HIGHEST HEAVENS, Uber’s got it covered, LOL.

But, back to NYFW 😛

This year was different, in part, because we took separate, non-fashion related trips throughout each day to “live a little more.”

While we made time to make every show that mattered to us, we also took time out of our day to explore — another shocker, who knew there was SO MUCH TO SEE in New York?!

We’d never been to the Brooklyn Bridge, nor had we walked it, and so, on one Monday, in-between a few shows, we took a ride down to the start of the Bridge from Manhattan and walked the entire way. On another day, we went out for burgers and fries! #priorities

In truth, it’s taken us this long to realize we can just relax during a work trip and not drive ourselves crazy. Life’s about the off-moments you create to see the world 🙂

<3 B+C

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A huge thank you to Uber for partnering with us for NYFW. 



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