And The Award For Best Party Goes To…

January 17, 2018

…the award goes to us!! We throw the best parties!!

About two weeks ago, we threw a Golden Globes viewing party, decked to the nines with a margarita making station and every snack we were obsessed with when we were kids — super cute fruitmoji snacks and sour gummy worms included. The thought process? We were going anti-New Year’s Resolutions; throw all of our healthy resolutions out the window for just one night.

We’re such good influences 😛

We hadn’t been following award season that seriously up until this point, and so the Golden Globes were just our excuse for throwing a party at the beginning of January that wasn’t New Year’s related. And it worked 😉

In preparation, we ordered all of our supplies through Boxed, which has become a lifesaver to us in not having to run to the grocery store at the last minute every time we throw a party. Couple that with the fact that Boxed now offers spirits in California (expanding nationwide in early 2018), and suddenly we had a party in a box (complete with napkins, plates, cups, and ALL the Cheese Balls) delivered to our door in less than 2 days, 5 days before the actual party.

Side note: we should also call out that we’ve been using Boxed for everything non-party related too, including coffee, sparkling water, cereal and laundry detergent. It’s basically become a Costco for us millennials 😛

But, back to the party!

We set out to make the margarita station the most simple for our guests, with our personal favorite Casamigos tequila and Cointreau, both ordered via Boxed — all you need for the perfect margarita, in addition to limes. And just in case margaritas weren’t everyone’s first pick for a drink, we had ordered Ciroc vodka, Tanqueray gin, and a whole champagne bucket full of champagne and sparkling wine, in addition to every type of Izzy and La Croix for mixers.

You know, the essentials 😉

IN FACT! Here are some of the other items we ordered for the party from Boxed:

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With the SAG awards this Sunday, January 21st, the Grammy Awards next Sunday, January 28th, the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 4th, and the Academy Awards on Sunday, March 4th, we’d say it’s the perfect time to throw another party 😉

Any time in the next month, really! 😛

P.S. you can use the code ‘yummertime’ to get 10% off all spirits and wines at, valid until 1/31/2018, but shhhh keep it a secret! 😛

<3 B+C

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