Last Week’s Video, Today’s Blog Post

January 5, 2018

Every week, we’re spilling our deepest, darkest secrets on YouTube ­čśŤ

Okay, maybe not every week, but we are striving to be open and honest with every video we produce. Every life and every relationship comes with its highs and lows, and we figured we’d dive right into that in last week’s ‘year in review’ video. Two highs and one low, each, to recap the year. Absolute honesty ­čÖé

And as we move in to 2018 (IT’S A NEW YEAR, PRAISE BE), we’ll be sharing our coming out stories, how we met, and more. So make sure to subscribe!

Next week’s video is going to be a splash ­čśë so get ready for that!

<3 B+C

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