Volvo XC60

And all we got was a luxurious car ride, beautiful weather, hilarious moments together, and memories to last a lifetime.

We don’t go on enough road trips. That’s what we both realized when we hit mile 77 of our drive up to Tahoe from San Francisco, marked by a pitstop at a fast food joint we shall not name. We had already listened to Christmas music, Heaven is a Place on Earth by Belinda Carlisle (x40 times), and just started the Bossypants audio book by Tina Fey — which, side note, is hilarious primarily because of the accents Tina Fey uses throughout.

We were driving our Volvo XC60, and so maybe this newfound appreciation for road trips was biased.

Never mind the fact that our booties were always the perfect temperature courtesy of the seat warmers/coolers (Brock prefers a cool booty; Chris, a warm booty — WHO KNEW?!), and never mind the fact that we were looking at the stars the whole time through the panoramic moonroof. We were the MOST surprised to get to Tahoe from San Francisco on one full tank of gas, with a little less than half a tank to spare (thank you, hybrid technology and engineers who are a thousand times smarter than us).

We were in luxury.

We drove up on a Friday with our two besties, Katie and Kendall, and spent the weekend in the snow at Squaw Valley. It was chilly out and we never did get around to having a snowball fight, but maybe that’s because we really don’t love the snow. GASP. SHOULD WE HAVE SAID THAT? Well, now you know our deepest, darkest secret.

If we’re being even more honest, we definitely overpacked for the weekend — case in point, Chris’ oversized blue luggage full of sweaters he didn’t even wear. But, at least it all fit in the trunk of our XC60 😉 

All the luxuries aside, we were driving to the snow with our chosen family (Katie and Kendall), and to be EVEN MORE HONEST (3x now in this post; a new record of open honesty for us!), we were a little terrified. We’ve driven to the snow in the past (just search Yosemite on Yummertime for our harrowing journey), and one thing’s for certain: blind spots in cars are altogether amplified when all you can see is white.

And then we heard the beeps.

Our Volvo’s BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) had activated, alerting us of a car that was a tad too close to us. Crazy drivers, they’re everywhere! Our panic was instantly eased and calmed, knowing that our Volvo was engineered for safety first. Volvo’s vision, even, is dedicated to the goal that by 2020 nobody should be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo. Because of this, we were safe to create memories that would last a lifetime.

We spent the weekend eating pizza, laughing too much (that’s not true, you can never laugh too much!), and shared so many moments together we’ll never forget. Did you catch any of our Instagram Stories? If so, you know exactly what we’re talking about 😛

Okay, so maybe we don’t hate the snow. We had an incredible weekend 🙂

<3 B+C

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