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This one’s a little more personal.

We’d be lying if we said November and December were easy for us.

We’d also be lying if we said we set aside a lot of time for each other in those two months.

Work has been overflowing, friends have been all around, and altogether, we’ve traveled (by plane) almost every week since October. Couple that with our inability to say “no” — to events, to work, to hanging out with friends (FOMO really is a disorder, don’t argue with us) — and you have a recipe for two man-boys stressed out of their minds, on the verge of crying while even just listening to Katy Perry.

It took us a month or two, but, we realized we had started to neglect the mini moments we needed together, just the two of us.

We could fill our time with as many projects as we wanted; we could fill up our nights with seeing as many friends in San Francisco, LA, and New York, throughout out travels. But, we were missing those moments that matter the most to our relationship. It’s funny to say that now. But, we were missing those moments like randomly taking our car out to Ocean Beach just to watch the waves crash.

And so… that’s just what we did 🙂

On a random Wednesday, early in December, we drove our Volvo XC60 out to Ocean Beach to watch the waves and the seagulls and the surfers (braver than us to risk being eaten by the Great Whites that we’re absolutely SURE live out there).

It was bit breezy on the way, and a chilly 58 degrees outside (BRRRR), but we rolled back the panoramic moonroof and let the air waft in as we drove. And all the more impressive than the seat warmers that toasted our booties the ENTIRE time (as we so love), we used absolutely no gasoline on the way there. (The Volvo XC60 is a hybrid, capable of running for 20+ miles on sole electricity).

The fact of the matter is, we probably wouldn’t have done all of this if we only had public transportation at our disposal…

It’s funny how something as simple as having access to a car, like the Volvo we had, could help spur on a random adventure. “Well, we can just drive there,” became the justification.

We sat against the car, bundled up in our Hudson Bay blanket, and took in the whole scene for a magical 30 minutes. 30 minutes, truthfully, and then we grew a little bored and started off for dinner 😛 we were planning on dumplings for dinner. The dumplings couldn’t wait any longer!!

This is all to say, it’s all about making time for the mini-moments 😉

<3 B+C

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