San Francisco Pride

Made by Yummertime, in partnership with Smirnoff to celebrate their Love Wins bottle. 

Aside from having one of the best weekends EVER, we also got severely sunburned in rather uncomfortable places — success. We love blotchy tanlines!

This was our Pride 2017 🙂

When we first started writing this a month ago, we figured we’d share a cocktail receipt with Smirnoff’s Love Wins bottle to celebrate Pride; something simple and fun, like this and this. But, as the time came by and went, we realized we wanted to be more personal, capturing ‘actual’ moments and snapshots from the weekend, sharing them.

Specifically, we wanted to share our love for Dolores Park, on the Saturday of SF Pride every year, celebrating the best way we know how — with a cooler, a pink blanket, fancy cups with fancy straws, and tasty beverages with our best friends.

Park party!

Thousands of people, all around the park, just ‘being love,’ embracing everyone for whoever they are. That’s Pride to us.

To the point of this post, and as a call to arms for all the good that the HRC does, we also celebrated by supporting Smirnoff’s Love Wins initiative this year 🙂

The 411: Smirnoff created a limited edition Love Wins bottle (inspired by the Supreme Court ruling for marriage equality in 2015) and partnered with the HRC to donate $1 for every limited edition Smirnoff No. 21 vodka ‘Love Wins’ bottle that they make. Over $260,000 in confirmed total donations. THAT’S THE COST OF A HOUSE.

And for the design of the bottle? Smirnoff partnered with photographer Sarah Deragon of The Identity Project to feature 10 LGBTQ+ couples from across the U.S.

(Smirnoff even surprised us with a special version of the bottle with a photo of us on the front).

It honestly was the best Pride this year 🙂 Happy Pride, everyone!

<3 B+C

P.S. If you’d like to be considered for the 2018 Smirnoff No. 21 Love Wins edition, you can submit your photos before 09/30/2017 here!

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