Reviewing Boscias Luminizing Black Mask available at Sephora

As a wise man once asked, ‘do our pores look big?’

We’re both sensitive — dramatic, really… We just watched Trolls and cried through the ending (well, not really, only Chris cried…). But, we guess that’s not really relevant here. What is relevant, is the fact that we both have sensitive skin. LUCKY US.

For Chris: it’s inflammation. Red-in-the-face inflammation.
For Brock: it’s minor breakouts.

And because of that, it’s taken us a long time to find a pore mask that 1) doesn’t aggravate our skin (Chris’ face ends up looking like a big red balloon when he uses Supermud by GLAMGLOW; poor Chris) and 2) evenly lays across our faces. Nevertheless, WE PERSEVERE! Hundreds of Sephora samples and Beauty Insider points later, we’ve made a discovery.

Consider this one of our all-time favorite pore masks (and the one mask we recommend to all of our friends): Boscia’s Luminizing Black Mask.


In terms of strength, it isn’t the absolute strongest — but that’s GOOD, it’s not going to rip out your eyebrows (one of us shaved off an eyebrow once — true story). In terms of texture, it lays evenly across your face. In terms of scent, there isn’t much. Instead, we’re left with a mask that brightens our skin and minimizes our pores after a good 30 minutes.

…for ’30 minutes,’ otherwise known as “feels like an eternity.” But, beauty requires PATIENCE! Perfect for taking selfies while watching The Great British Baking Show.

With a gentle tug and pull from the top (sounds salacious!), the mask comes off in one fell swoop (or a couple swoops, depending on our abilities or lack thereof to be neat and clean).

Here are some of our other Boscia faves, including the Revitalizing Black Hydration Gel:


<3 B+C