Hotel Indigo, Lower East Side

At the risk of sounding like two mid-20-something princesses, life is only as good as the bed you sleep on, and the bed at Hotel Indigo Lower East Side is always our favorite.

Less than two weeks ago, we were out in New York for Men’s Fashion Week — probably our most productive and ‘healthy’ fashion week yet. ‘Healthy,’ meaning, we didn’t consume street vendor hot dogs every day for breakfast and lunch, as we’ve done in the past. Our cardiovascular systems thank us.

Hot dogs aside…

Here’s the 411: we always stay at Hotel Indigo Lower East Side. Here’s proof 🙂

Two main reasons being: 1) our love for all things Lower East Side (i.e. colorful murals around every corner AND shopping at small, local boutiques) and 2) it’s location 50 feet below Houston Street at Ludlow, meaning, direct and easy access to SoHo, Nolita, West Village, and Skylight Clarkson Square (where NYFW:M has been held for the past two years).

But, back to the hot dogs…

No, yeah, we didn’t have any hot dogs while we were out in New York, BUT, we did order delivery from Sticky’s Finger Joint to our hotel room at Hotel Indigo. Our recommended order, if we may:

  1. General Sticky Tso Chicken Poppers
  2. Honey BBQ Club Chicken Poppers
  3. Bacon Mac French Fries
  4. Cajun French Fries
  5. One (1) Diet Coke
  6. One (1) Regular Coke

Just a light dinner on our bed while watching The Bachelor — a kind of “High-Low” night, you know? High culture being the chicken fingers, and low culture being The Bachelor. The easiest way to skip Men’s Fashion Week parties for the night back at our hotel. Those parties never have chicken fingers…

Filled up on chicken fingers and french fries, we did make sure to take Outfit of the Day photos on the property at Hotel Indigo LES, every day for NYWF:M. See below 🙂

From grabbing quick multiple drinks at MR PURPLE to starting the day off sorting through emails, iced coffees in hand (note: ALWAYS iced coffee), in the HUGE Hotel Indigo lobby, we’d measure the week was a success 🙂

<3 B+C

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