December 17, 2016

Best Mattresses to buy, Helix Sleep

Subtitled: a tale of two 5’11” man-boys and a queen size mattress.

We finally upgraded to a queen size mattress (meaning: for five full years prior we were sleeping in a full size bed. FULL SIZE). Why it never dawned on us that we were too big for a full is a mystery. We’re notable for often complaining that our Uber is too small. Ugh, Priuses. REGARDLESS.

Enter: Helix Sleep. Our latest ‘life-improvement’ recommendation. OUR LIFE HAS IMPROVED.

The importance of that (choosing Helix Sleep) being: we went for an individually personalized mattress instead of a ‘one-size-fits-all.’ One size does not fit all. If that’s not a solid piece of advice and wisdom from us then we don’t know what is.

So, here’s the 411: we’ve been so happy with our mattress (for four months now) that we figured we’d have a pillow fight, capture a photo of said pillow fight, and post about it to the world! We’re taking ‘blogging’ to new heights!

But, if that’s not enough, we don’t just have pillow fights in bed, we also:

  1. Eat large-sized pepperoni and sausage pizzas in bed (just watch our Instagram Stories).
  2. Eat pizzas while naked in bed.
  3. Choreograph interpretive dances to Katy Perry songs while naked AND laying down in bed.
  4. Watch The Crown, Westworld, Game of Thrones while naked in bed.
  5. Cuddle.

This is all to say, we’re obscene, ridiculous and never growing up. And we love our new bed! Hip hip hurray!

<3 B+C

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